I'm new...Starting CD today.....I'm Scared!!


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Hello everyone! I am starting CD today....I am getting married on 2nd June this year and I currently weigh 13st 2lb, and I'm 5'9......I have about 3 stones to loose before the wedding! I am finding it sooo hard to restart as I lost all the weight last year and brought my dress at my slimist! I felt great then and I desperatly want that feeling back! I love this site as I love the help and support everyone seems to bring! Please please can you all help and support me to get to my goal by June!?

Hi Pink

Wow congratulations on getting married, that's fantastic! And what a motivation to have for losing weight!!

Look you have the time to get to your target and all you have to do is stick to the plan - no more, no less. You'll be at target by April and will then 2 months to move up the plans so that you'll be eating more or less normally (well healthily anyway haha).

I think you've picked the right time to start - you know the first few days are gonna be sooooooo hard but once you're in ketosis it will be plain sailing!

You can do this but you really gotta want it...

We're all here to help you on your journey, just keep that image of you in your beautiful dress all skinny and stunning!!!

Good luck and wishing you lots of willpower!
Hey Princesspink

Congratulations on getting married in June. You know what you are in for, but you also know you can do it. Stay strong, post often, and you'll get that 3 stones off you in no time ;)
Thanks Guys.xx

Thanks sooo much guys!! You're support means so much to me! I am so determind to do this....I will post every day to keep myself on track and to keep you all informed on how much I loose on my weigh ins!

Thanks again for all your kind words.

oooh, a wedding - how exciting.
Sounds like you know what you're doing and you have a pretty good incentive. I'm sure you'll do it and you will look so gorgeous on your wedding day. Stay focused and take things a week, a day, or a minute at a time - whatever you need to stay on track. Good luck
Congrats for your wedding in June, stick with the diet you know it will work and you'll look like a princess in that dress.
Congratulations on getting married and good luck with your weight loss :)

Congratulations on your fortcoming marriage :eek:)

From what I have read on this site you will lose 3 stone by June no problem!! Good luck with the diet, I start next week :eek:)
Hiya, I'm a new member and just completed week one on CD.
I have lost a stone in a week! Its been a stuggle at times but you have a great motivation with your wedding.

Good luck
Hi PP, and all other new members, this site is great for support, so stick with it, take it one hour at a time for the first few days till you find your feet, then one day, then one week, keep your eye on de prize, for you its your wedding,,,,you will do it...just stick with us and we'll help ya on your way down de scales.

Seems like only yesterday I was on my day1, nervous, scared and unsure what I was doing, but now i'm at day51 and going strong.:D :D
Thanks so much everyone! I am overwhelmed by all the support!! I know I will suceed and look slim for my wedding day! Also I cant wait to feel confident in my bikini on my honeymoon! Keep up the good work everyone.....it's so worth it in the end!!!!

think of all the exercise on honeymoon.......................swimming,tennis,snorkelling etc...xx
whats orkelling ????????
Welcome Pink princess - you will get all the support you could ever need from this site. Go and look at the photos or read some of the blogs when you need more motivation. Start your own weight loss diary to record your journey to being a slim bride!
How did your first day go hun, are you ok????
Hiya, I'm a new member and just completed week one on CD.
I have lost a stone in a week! Its been a stuggle at times but you have a great motivation with your wedding.

Good luck

That is an amazing weight loss for your first week! Well done to you and just keep posting whether you're happy or sad:D

Lacey :)
Hi Pinkprincess

Welcome to Minimins. There is no doubt you will fit into your lovely dress by June. Well done on making the decision to start CD and Good Luck!!

Jazzy x