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  1. less of lou

    less of lou New Member

    Hello everyone i'm new to this forum but i thought it might give me some support.

    I have been using Lipotrim for 3 weeks now, first week lost 9lb second week lost 3lb and now into third week. There are times when i still feel very hungry, should this be right???
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  3. Cathy

    Cathy Silver Member

    Hello and welcome to Minimins! :welcome:

    Well done on your losses so far :happy036::clap:
    Try drinking more water when you're hungry, or go and have a walk or a bath.
    It will wear off. You could try spacing your shakes out so that you're due one at your "hungry" time. Good luck Hunni xx
  4. louizekj

    louizekj Silver Member

    Hi hun! Welcome to the diet! I have to say that personally, i have always had days here and there where i was actually physically hungry. It never completely went for me. However, there are lots of people on here who haven't had that! It is very difficult to distinguish between your head telling you are and actually being hungry hun, but like Cathy has said, the best bet is to try and do something which means you can't be tempted. Having a bath means you can't eat, going for a walk takes you away from temptation...or have a cup of tea or coffee. A warm drink takes my hunger pangs away! Hope that helps a little :) xx
  5. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    You shouldn't really be actually physically hungry after 3 weeks although as louizekj says it CAN happen. I found drinking more water and black coffee helped. Sparkling water in particular. x
  6. sparkle 63

    sparkle 63 sparkling:)and hopeful :)

    hi hunni and welcome, i was told when i 1st started here that the hunger pangs only last around ten mins at a time and it is true if i keep myself occupied when i feel hungry they do pass in no time i find coming on to the forum helps heaps. great losses to keep u going hun well done..roll on next WI x
  7. fatfighter

    fatfighter wannabe yummy mummy

    Welcome to minimins :)
    As others have said the hunger soon goes if you keep yourself occupied (I'm on day 7 and read 5 books this week :D)
  8. kered

    kered Gold Member

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Well done on your achievements so far on lipotrim.

    We are all different and need to find something that will take the hunger away. For me, I found a hot black coffee curbed the hunger and if need be, split your shakes into 2 so you dont have to wait as long for your next drink. I also made mine with more water, I added 400mls of water and enjoyed a long drink and also found when I made them hot I felt better than a cold shake.
  9. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Hi and welcome Lou. All the above advice is great! Black coffee and lots of water. Don't think I've felt actual hunger on this diet, just hunger in my head wanting to eat something or it was just wanting some water. Stick to this, keep drinking lots of water and the results are amazing. Good luck for weigh in 3!
  10. katy73

    katy73 Silver Member

    Hi and welcome, i am on my sixth week and i still feel hungry, but i try to see that as a positive sign that my body is burning fat. To help i either log onto here, look through clothes catalogues for future buys or my best i think is to make a proper filter coffee and savour it. Good luck :airquote:
  11. tasha2000

    tasha2000 Full Member

    I find peppermint tea (id be lost without it lol), takes the hunger away.. for me it is more mental hunger than actual physical.. like i think god id love fish and chips, or god id love some pringles lol... then my body goes.. yeah id like some too!!
    The minute the pangs come I get a hot drink, be it coffee, tea or peppermint tea.. and whalla.. the pangs go.. also it may be a sign you arent having enough water so everytime you geta pang think to yourself 'my body is telling me its thirsty' and you will soon feel fine after a good gulp of water and a hot drink xx
  12. biglao

    biglao Full Member

    That is really good weight loss. Well done. I too feel hungry, but I think I am mistaking thirst for hunger. I have a drink and it seems to keep the pangs at bay. It could be the reason why I am soooo overweight now, and without food to satisfy the twinges, and knowing that I am getting all the nutrients I require from the shakes, i am just now realising it.
    Good luck x x
  13. less of lou

    less of lou New Member

    Thank you everyone for making me feel welcome and for the advice. I am going to get weighed tomorrow.
  14. ChellyWellyBoot

    ChellyWellyBoot I will be skinny again!!!

    hiya and welcome!!
  15. Cathy

    Cathy Silver Member

    Good luck for tomorrows WI ! :fingerscrossed: :cross:
    Let us all know !!
  16. JanD

    JanD maintaining since June'09

    Looking forward to your results!! x
  17. Miss B

    Miss B Member

    Hi there - this is my 1st time to the forum and the 1st day on the LT diet - well done for sticking it out so long not sure if I have the willpower
  18. Askimsin76

    Askimsin76 New Member

    Good luck for 2mrw im new too.
  19. copog

    copog Silver Member

    Welcome to the forum just log on here and there will always be support. I too have felt hungry but just occupied myself instead or had some water. Good luck for your weigh in and congrats on your fab weight loss already.
    Welcome to Askimsin and miss b too:)
  20. CHUKKI

    CHUKKI Full Member

    Welcome aboard. You will get lots of support here. keep us posted.
    Good luck.

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