I'm new to weight watcher, help

Hi Guys,
I tired many diets, some worked and some didn't.
anyway, I'm back to getting healthier and thinner.
So help, I'm doing weight watcher and so far, I have failed everyday. But tomorrow is a new day, so here I am, back to get a better version of myself.
thanks for all your support.
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Hi there and welcome to Weight Watchers and Minimins. Shout up if you need any help, we're a friendly bunch x


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Good luck honey! Write everything down, sometimes you will end up not having it when you see in black and white how many points it is!! lol!! Wish I had done that before my hot chocolate tonight...5 points and totally not worth it! Gutted!


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Hello and welcome to minis.xx
Good luck .xx


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Good luck. Take it one day at a time. Have you worked out how many points you can have? Write everything down that you have and then deduct points from your daily total and when you have used them all up only eat food with no points. If possible try and save a few points for unexpected occasions. Try and do a little exercise and if you are stuck just ask
Irene x


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Good luck hun,please take each day at a time,if you fail dont keep going and think next week you will do it,take day by day.
Good luck x

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Hello and welcome. Just seen this post buried underneath all the diaries that fly around here - mine included!

Hope that you have had more success since you first posted.

The writing it down thing, for me, is the best piece of advice - you can't hide from it then and when those points are gone, they're gone

Rosie xx