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I'm new!!!

Hi there, I've been reading these postings and feel very inspired by you all! I've been doing Lighter Life for 4 weeks and 3 days now, last Monday at my weigh in I was 3.5lbs off losing 2 stone, I can't believe where it's going! 5 more stone to go though! One thing I'm struggling with is the weather, when it's rotten it makes me want to eat comfort food :sigh: :character00254:- can anyone help with any ideas of how to get out of that rut??!!!:bliss:

All help appreciated to this Newbie!! Thanks!! xx
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Have a hot bubbly bath instead? I would if I had a bath, only got a shower unfortunately :(
You're doing fantastically well. I started mid-feb and am finding it increasingly challenging. I think I'm just getting bored. Over halfway now tho :D It wont be long til you're on the home-stretch. Don't let the weather get you down! xx


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the weather is awful! I've packed all my warm clothes away! Well done on your weight loss, I'm only on day 10 of LL so a few weeks to go yet! You could always list all your big clothes on ebay and use the cash to buy some nice new smaller ones! thats always keeps me busy x


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Welcome Greenockgal - as you've seen it's a great place to come for advice and inspiration. I come here so often to get me back on the straight and narrow - when I'm feeling weak.

I agree with you about it being more difficult while the weather is so rotten. A couple of weeks ago I was longing for hot foods etc and decided not to do anything drastic, but thought about how to make what I have stretch further. So what I do is split a sweet pack into 2 or 3 and mix them with hot coffee until frothy and with a bit of imagination you can imagine you're sipping a nice latte. Vanilla and chocolate are best for this but I do it with the raspberry and strawberry too - not the banana though.

Anyway good luck and just look at your progress in such a short time to convince you you're doing the right thing.


Hiya! Many thanks for all your comments, it's keeping my spirits up! Weigh in tonight, so fingers crossed! The weekend was great, a bit of sunshine at last, so I managed to get down my allotment and do a load of digging! Shame I won't be able to eat any of the nice veggies, but my hubby will be kept in spuds for months!! Keep it up everyone!!:)
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Hi Greenockgal

Well done on your great achievement so far. Ar you originally from Greenock? I was born there ummm ... *many* years ago :eek: As you can see, I'm now on the south coast.

Good luck on the remainder of your journey ... and fingers crossed for some decent weather - we could all do with some sunshine!
Hi Greenockgal. You're doing amazingly well. Nearly 2 stone in only 4 weeks is FAB. You've given me hope that I might actually be able to lose 4 stone in Foundation (I've just finished week 3 - I've lost 18lbs so far and still have another 4 stone to go). When I'm feeling cold and miserable, I have a big mug of hot water with some Fruits of the Forest flavouring. Or I put my feet up with a frivolous magazine and a LL savoury drink.

I thought the summer was here again this morning, but its just started raining. :( How miserable (I'm just along from you in Surrey so I'm guessing you've also got the rain). It's all good for the veggies tho!
Hiya!!! Just a quick update from (not so ) Sunny Worthing! Got weighed last night, another 5 and a half pounds off - woohoo!!! Can't believe it, that's 2 stone 2lbs in 5 weeks! I want to lose a total of 7 stone, I was thinking it would take me up to Christmas, but it might be sooner! Russiandoll - yes, from Greenock originally, has been a few years since I moved! I feel slimmer today, got my hubby to tak a pic of me, so it's going on the fridge with my picture from day 1!!! Am wearing a top today I haven't worn in a couple of years, but how daft is this? When I started, I was size 24 top, and 22 bottom. I've lost 3 inches off my bust, 3.5 off my waist, and 5 off my hips. I printed off a UK size chart the other day, and according to those sizes, I should now be a 26/28 top, 22/24 middle, and 28/30 on the hips!!! I don't think I'll be looking for those sizes!

Anothr 5lbs off, can't believe it! I went through my wardrobe last night and now I have a big pile of clothes that are too big - what a great feeling!!!! I haven't had that for years - gone are all the big baggy tops! And even better, about 6 months ago I bought a really nice blouse from M&S, duck egg blue, size 22, got it home, and no surprises, it was far too small. I was really disappointed, but determined not to take it back! Well, I wore it to work yesterday and it fits!!!:D I feel over the moon! Have found 5 pairs of jeans and trousers at the back of the wardrobe that I can get into!!! I have so many clothes, it's ridiculous! But, thinking about what our LL counsellor says, I can see now that buying clothes was a way for me to try and make myself feel good - didn't work, and cost me a fortune!! Well, no more - the new, better, slimmer me is well on it's way - I can hear it fighting to get out!!

Hope you are all doing well!!! xx :bliss:


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Well don GG,
What a good feeling eh? I try and have a try on session every week now and I think I have just one pair of trousers left that are a little snug - everything else is loose or hanging off me.
Keep it up - it works!
Well done Tish, that's fab! I've got an evening dress that I bought for a cruise that we went on at the end of April this year - I was mortified at the pics, that's what prompted me to go on the diet. I tried it on yesterday and it fell off! It's a strapless one, and it fell straight down! I was so pleased I ran downstairs with it on showing my bra to all and sundry, and yelled at my hubby to take a pic - and he was sat there with his pal!!! If I can work out how to load them on here then I'll bung them on!! I Now have an empty wardrobe and 8 bags of clothes and 4 evening gowns to got on Ebay - anyone want some size 24 clothes??!!:clap::party0049:


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way to go .....
Bet you made your hubby's pal smile!! He got more than he bargained for - eh?
Keep it up girl xx:D


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That's the way to do it.
My weigh in tonight and hopeful - don't feel as though much has changed from last week though stayed abstinent - we'll see
Hiya Tosh, funny you should say that, I was convinced I hadn't lost anything last night, I just felt the same as the week before, but there it was, 5.7lbs lighter! I'm sure you'll have done well! How long have you been doing it? Am sat here with a veg soup, put a bit too much tabasco in it - roooooaaaaar! A bit hot!!!:eek:


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LOL - All the more reason now to drink more water!!

I started LL on May 1st and so far have lost just over 3 stone which is great but now I just want it to fall off me. However, I love when I'm planning thing for later in the year and I sit down and calculate how much I'll weigh then.
I have 8 stone to lose in all (gulp!). How about you?
Pretty much the same as you, I started on 4th June, and I want to lose 7 stone in total, so another 4.5 stone to go. In some ways I feel like I've been on it forever, but it's only 6 weeks!! I sort of planned that I would be on this till xmas if it was a stone a month, but I'm not sure if it slows down or not? I presume it will? As long as I can have my christmas dinner, that's all I'm bothered about!!!:D

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