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Im not happy!


likes posting.
I went for my wi last night & ive stayed the same.Please dont say its better than a gain!Last week i gained 1/2 & when i came home i got my book out & went through it & could see a lot of mistakes so last week i wrote everything down weighed & measured everything that went into my mouth.:cry:My leader had a look at my sheet & didnt say id done anything wrong only maybe not had enough points at dinner time:confused:I thought you could use points anytime!she said ive had a good varity of fruits veg etc so just do the same this week.Im not happy as i go on holiday in 6 weeks i really wanted too lose as much as possible.
sorry for moaning but ive just got it in my head im not going too lose this week too.:sigh: If id cheated i could see where ive gone wrong & sort it.Any thoughs welcome.
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:hug99:eileen bless you...just wanted to say although it's disheartening don't give up. I can't really give advice on it as I'm new to it too, but i just wanted to send you a big hug from me.

How annoying for you - it's so frustrating when that happens - when it happens to me I start to think 'why bother' and cheat! So please don't do that!

Have you done more exercise this week? WHen I start/do more exercise I always stay the same or even gain- think it's my body holding on to water or something?

If not - how much water do you drink? I find drinking water really helps - the more you drink the more you shrink...

Good luck, and stick with it :)



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That is such a shame but you may find you play 'catch up' next week and get a really good loss. I hope so. Don't cave in and eat more than you should cos you feel down though, that will just muck everything up!


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dont lose heart love, I would lay bets that next WI you'll get a lovely surprise, I think this happens frequently to people.

chin up and huggles,
sun xx
Hi Eileen,
I know excatly how you feel, I had a month of it in February where I stayed the same for weeks and gained twice. I know its not what you want to hear now but hang in there believe me it will come off cause I've had a few very good weeks now and as a girl in my meeting said a few weeks ago, if it does'nt show on the scales this week it will show at some stage, she was after having a bad few weeks also and was ready to give up when she mentally decided it doesnt have to show every and she now reckons this thinking is what keeps her going and she is doing fab.


likes posting.
Thanks for all your words of wisdom its just what i needed right now.Im not going too give up at all i really do want too lose this weight by healthy eating.I got a monthly pass last night i had a quick look at their site,ill go on again later today.Im doing points again this week & see how it goes then i might swap over too core.i really am trying i think thats what is upseting me the most.Anyway im not going too let it get me down that will never do! So my moan is over.
Berry i hope that happens too me.


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Hi Eileen,
I no how your feeling,im sure you will loose alot next week,chin up xx


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Eileen Im glad to hear youve signed upto monthly pass! its a good commitment to make i think! and you save a few quid to! hehe
The ww website is good when your a monthly pass member as you can add each ingrediant to your menu and it points it all for you! Also it counts down your points as you use them! ....
I like it anyway hehe ....

Hope your feeling better today xx


Going From Flab to FAB!
S: 15st10lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st4lb(1.82%)
Morning Eileen hows things with you this weekend? ... How are you doing? ...

Hope your ok xx
Dont lose heart. It could be something as simple as eating more carbs this week or having to much exercise. Why not keep a food diary on here and we could take a peek for you?


likes posting.
hi everyone ive been out a lot this weekend.im sticking too my points ive been doing on ww site, so cant be bothered writing it all out again.This week im going too try & exercise each day maybe if i get moving more that might get the weight moving again.Tomorrow im making some no point soup.
Good luck everyone this week.

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