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  1. Sandra

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    Lighter Life
    Lost another 4lbs but not in ketosis
    I am thrilled to bits because I have lost another 4lbs at my pop in weigh this morning but I am not in ketosis. When I went for my first pop in weigh 2 days after I started I was in ketosis but I havent been since. My mouth feels really yukky so I assumed I must be in ketosis so I was really surprised this morning when I wasn't. When I asked my Counseller she just said it happens but I would like to know why.

    There seems to be a real emphasis put on being in ketosis and I do understand that once you are you are burning off your body fat but I am just confused as to why I am not there yet. How long should it take?

    I have had a great weight loss I have lost 19.5lbs in 10 days so I am over the moon about that but I just thought someone might be able to reassure me over the lack of my ketosis.
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  3. Helen

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    One lady in our class went through the whole of foundation and her stick never showed that she was in ketosis once.

    I know several people (myself included) who have aimed wrong and missed the stick entirely and I suppose its possible you did the same thing. If you haven't cheated then you must be in ketosis, if you want to check in between weigh-ins you can get the stixs from Boots, I think they are about £6. You are likely to get a darker stick first thing in the morning.

    Dont worry though, your counsellor isn't and your weightloss is brill, well done!
  4. Sandra

    Sandra Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Thanks Helen

    No I havent cheated and I actually took my urine sample in a sample bottle because I was worried that I might miss the stick so she has asked me not to do that next time but pee directly on to the stick.
  5. JustJo

    JustJo Cambridge Counsellor

    Loads of people can't get the stick to turn pink on vlcds, so please don't worry about it - it doesn't mean you're not in ketosis! Remember, vlcds only bring on mild ketosis, so the ketones often get diluted enough to not show pink - some people also find they only show pink at particular times of the day.

    The real test of ketosis is a supressed appetite - if you're not physically hungry in general, then you're in ketosis. The yukky breath is a 'positive' sign too! 19 1/2 lbs in ten days is phenomenal - well done you. :)

    Jo x
  6. Sandra

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    Lighter Life
    Oh thanks JustJo that has helped a lot because I dont feel hungry at all and my mouth and breath are pretty unpleasant. I actually feel thirsty all the time because my mouth feels so horrible, so I am actually drinking more like 5 litres a day.

    So I must be in ketosis then just not turning my stick pink. Thats a relief I was beginning to think that I was doing something wrong.

    Thanks Sandra :party0011:
  7. Cerulean

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    You're in ketosis - I promise! After my morning wee which was always dark - the high level water consumption meant that in some light I was never sure that I was - although the 8 stone of weight loss and rotten mouth implies that I was!
  8. JustJo

    JustJo Cambridge Counsellor

    You're very welcome, Sandra - i'm glad I was able to reassure you. :)

    I actually tend to discourage my cd clients from buying ketostix, as I consider them to be quite unreliable, and they can cause despondancy if they don't turn pink. As I always say my clients - just do everything by the book and trust that the diet is working correctly!

    Jo x
  9. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    If your wee wasnt fresh that may explain it as it needs to be an instant reading! As justjo says ketostix can be quite unreliable! Hang in there & well done on losses so far!
  10. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    I stopped using the sticks months ago. If the weight's coming off - you're in ketosis!
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