I'm not sure who I'm trying to kid......


...... but I know who I'm not kidding............... ME!!!!

My clothes are so tight on me breathing is getting soooooooooo hard......

Have my period today, feel bloated, tired and generally crap... decided not to ss today cos of period and stuff but am healthy eating and might even start ss later on today....

i'm soooooo sick of eating and feeling like crap cos of food....

weighed in this morning at 14st 13lb............ i'm genuinely disgusted with myself for going from 12st 4lb, which i was sooo proud of, to the weight i am this morning!!!!


Gen xx
i know totm absolutely sucks and can throw everything out of the window. I dont like to see people beat themselves up about gaining weight though. I reckon you should just write it off and move on from it. so u've gained a bit? so what? you are a woman and so by default we are a strong bunch who can bounce back from ANYTHING!

where do you usually get your SSing inspiration from? maybe try to draw on all avenues of inspirations after today.

i like to wallow when im having totm but if u r determined to hop back on the horse then u will. dont forget to grab the reigns tight and stop worrying about what u gained and focus on everything to lose!!

good like and hope u feel better soon xxx
Gen, Gen, Gen ..... I am SO with you today ((((hugs))))

I'm in the same place as you - my head is a mess ... first I take a break because I'm bored of SSIng - then I want to go back to SSing - then I fail every time I try to go back to it - so I decide to do something else .... it's an absolute nightmare!

I'm up to 14st from the 12st 7lb I got to and I feel CRAP! SO I truly know where you're coming from.

Don't know what the solution is - I'm just standing alongside you in solidarity and support XX
I'm with you there Gen!

I weighed in last night at 14st 12lbs, after getting down to 10st 13lbs in the summer!! :eek: :eek: I want to cry! I am having to buy bigger and bigger clothes and now can't even look in topshop or river island or anywhere like that :mad:

I have decided today is the day for a re-start for me. When TOTM has passed and you get back on the wagon maybe we can spur eachother on as we're similar weights now.

Good luck!

Fiona x
Have you all tried 790 ? The more I see people the more I think it is a much better way of losing weight for restarters as it takes away the emotional baggage of sole source while still allowing ketosis and excellent weight loss.

thanks a million guys for all ur replies... means a lot... at the moment i have cramps... feel dizzy... my trousers are stopping the airflow BIG TIME....

but.... i will not buy bigger clothes... and i will start cd tomorrow....

i was just waiting for my totm to arrive cos after the first day of that i'll be grand.... can't wait to stop eating....

thanks again... must get my diary going again!!!


Gen xx
Hey Hun,

I know *exactly* what u mean! I've gone from 13st 5lbs to 14st 1lbs - my clothes hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!
Since Xmas I've tried everyday to get back onto SSing (and even tried 790!) but to be honest I think I've personally had enuff. The diet is wonderful and works amazingly well, but I think I've done my time. I started in August 2005 and am still gaining and losing the same amount of weight - surely this can't be healthy????
I feel like u - angry, upset, depressed and a failure. I just don't know what the answer is. I refuse to yo-yo this year - but I just haven't found the answer yet!!!

Hope u're feeling better today babe. :)

Keep intouch hun [email protected]

Much love, chelle xx
Gen - can so relate to all you are saying.

2005 I went from 15.3 to 11.3 and was so pleased with myself. My health was better, I was in size 12/14 instead of 20/22 and I was told I looked younger and happier. Then I messed about big time last summer and so in Jan 2007 I was back up to 13.13. Been back on SS since Tuesday ..... and feel better already - taking control, knowing I can do it and WANTING ... so much wanting to get back into size 12/14 clothes again.

You can do it and will pop in regularly to see how you are getting on.