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Im off ... but not off TFR

Hey Guys

I have had to decide to use another Total Food Replacement programme today - yesterday every "meal" I had made me sick because I actually hate them so much and I had half a vanilla sachet this morning in a coffee at 7.30am before work and I had to down it so fast to bear it and I haven't eaten anything since because I can't bear to open a sachet of chicken soup ... typically, today I feel fine about food! I dont want to eat "normal" food at all and ultimate Ketosis has finally kicked in! So I want to stay on the Ketosis/TFR wagon and Im moving on to do the "New You" one instead as the choices are just brilliant and I looked in the other forum and people seem to still have great losses and they can have the odd "ketosis safe snack" which are apparentely quite tasty, and it doesnt seem to effect weight loss.

Im desperate to loose the weight and stick to a diet, but I know having to down LT shakes 3 times a day is going to make me quit and I so don't want to.

It's my first weigh in day tomorrow at the end of week 1 for LT and I just hope my online order from New You comes tomorrow because I wont be eating until the order comes!

You have all been amazing help with such inspiring stories and support when I'v wanted to quit - and it's because of you all that I havent so thank you ... Im gonna stick around of course and tell you how I get on with New You :)

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Never give up

Sorry, I, er meant, good luck Woody - do come back and tell us if it's the best thing ever?


Never give up
And actually I DON'T want snacks - they're my nemesis...:p
Hahaha mine too - hence I only ordered 2 tiny snacks to last me a fortnight just to see me through those occasions such as cinema trips when everyone else is munching on unmentionables!

Il be back in the forum to let you know my weigh in for tomorro and of course how it is with New You! Xx
Ditto the others, good luck Woody. LT isn't for everyone, I have a friend who didn't get on with it either.
It's frustrating because I'm totally into ketosis now and I'm feeling the ease of TFR much more than at the beginning of the week - I just can't stomach liposhakes anymore and I'm missing out on meals because I just cant bear it which is counterproductive to weight loss. I wish I could still get the pharmacy support cos il miss that bit and having to to get weighed ... U might have to put up with me coming here to tell u my weight loss everyweek! Lol

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