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Im off to the chemist, wish me luck

After finding this forum nearly 2 weeks ago i have decided Lipotrim is the way to go. i am 5'9 and weigh about 20 stone :(.

I have a wonderful partner and 2 amazing little girls who are only 2 and 3 and i have to do something before i am no longer around to see them grow up.

I tried sw and lost a stone in 5 weeks but i lost interest in it quickly. I like the sound of Lipotrim because you cant cheat and after reading all your stories i cant wait to be a nice size. I dont want to be mega skinny because that just wouldnt suit me but i want to be about 12 stone and a size 12-14. We really want to try for another baby within the next year and with my last i had gestational diabetis and i really dont want to go through that again.

So im off to the chemist, i feel abit nervous but i suppose as the weeks go on it will get easier.

Sorry i didnt mean for this to be so long!
Hope to chat to you all throughout the week.

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good luck vicky. it does get easier as the weeks go on, promise.

it's so achievable and i hope you have a great first week! xx
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seriously?! aww that's great!! if i can, anyone can! never thought i would last 6 months but here we are! and counting!

you'll do great, if reading our posts keep you going, get yourself on here at every opportunity!! xxx

irish molly

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Well done Vicky. You won't regret your decision. It really does get easier as the weeks go on. When I started I thought I would only last a couple of weeks. Here I am on week 11 and down almost four stone. It is great to get steady results and you won't notice the weeks flying by.
This forum is a great support and so many have great inspirational stories for everyone.
Keep up the water intake at all times. Sipping in small quantities, 2-4 litres a day, will keep the hunger at bay.
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Having a goal in mind really helps u to stay focused, i wanna be a fitand healthy mummy for my little girl. Hope everything went well and u have your first weeks worth of shakes!
Hello everyone! I did it although i got abit nervous because there were lots of people in the chemist but i did it and i have my first weeks supply. It was £36 but thats probably what i spend on rubbish throughout the week.

Kellymarie i'm from southend aswell !
Welcome & Good Luck Vicky,

Lipotrim is fantastic, and successful because unlike most diets, you simply cannot cheat! Once you have your first WI, you will be totally spurred on to continue, I was!
When I first started, I planned on losing 4 or 5 stones, but then I read so many brilliant success stories that I was inspired no end!

Clair x
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Congrats on starting. Its hard at the beginning but it is so amazing. You wont regret your decision like the others have said this diet is amazing.


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Well done on taking the hardest step Vicky. You're in for a rough couple of weeks, but I guess you're prepared for that and it's great you have a supportive family. You'll get great losses in the first few weeks so that will keep you motivated. By week three you won't know yourself!! It's really exciting, and although it's a bumpy ride in some ways, it's worth every bit of the effort.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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Oh wow really what a small world, do u go to the chemist in shoebury?
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It is a small world, Oh cool well i get weighed usually on wednesday mite see u in there 1 day lol x
Hi Vicky, welcome and well done for getting started.
First few days aren't easy but do get easier, once you are in Ketosis.
I found Week 3 really hard too but honestly, I am rarely 'hungry' and like you - cos I 'can't' cheat, it's different to all the other tried and failed diets.

For me, I need to keep a variety of drinks/food.

There's plenty of 'recipes' on the site if you search.

I like half vanilla and half flapjack, mixed with a little hot water, to make a morning porridge - feels like food and is very filling.

Also, cold coffee, ice and either vanilla or choc for a nice LT frappucinno!!

Good luck x
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I now love the hot choc 1, put it with pepermint tea its nicer! all i have these days is chocolate ones lol, mite be brave and have a couple of soups when i go back next!

First day is nearly over and im still in a positive mood.
I had hot choc this morning which was bearable then chicken soup for lunch wich was ok-ish and i have just had choc milkshke with crushed ice which was really yummy.

Kelly the peppermint one sounds delish!

My Oh is stuffing his face with chicken and chips lol and i dont even want any.
S: 15st11lb C: 15st11lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well done on your first day! it really is yum! especially in the afternoon to sit and watch corry lol.

Mine does that 2, he is one of the blokes that can eat what he wants and not gain an oz!! Men lol! its easier to cook for him and my little girl now tho.

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