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Im really finding it hard today


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I dont see my Cdc until 6.20pm and I have no shakes left.

I know its the greedy me thinking I can last until then and I've already eaten a bit of my Sons toast this morning.

I still have a long way to go and dont want to give up like every other time. This is my last chance to lose the weight and be happy in myself again.

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you can do this, think positive, and keep drinking the water,any temptation of food you shouldnt have just walk away (easier said than done i know)


Wants to be slim :)
Hi Lana, why don't you have yourself some tuna or chicken to take away the temptations of eating those naughties...! It won't make a mark on your loss :) x


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Thanks for your replies. I'm drinking plenty of water and going shopping for a few bits soon so if I do have anything I'll make sure its a small piece of chicken.

It will teach me to miscalculate my shakes next time cdc is on hol!
Water, water, water - thats all I can suggest along with mind over matter which isnt easy I know. Maybe buy 3 extra sachets this week so that you have some spare for emergencies like this.


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Oh hun - hope you managed to hold off. Its so hard sometimes though isn't it.
Good Luck with your weigh-in.


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Well I didnt manage to hold off, I had some chicken. Weighed in and had lost 5lbs!


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well done on your loss. 5lb is fab.
And having some chicken is just like doing ss + isn't it??
Don't give yourself a hard time over it anyway and good luck this week.
chicken is good ... at least it wasnt a bag of potato crisps or a mars bar! If you are gonna eat something make sure its a protein and do damage limitation. :)

and 5lbs! Thats a great loss .... keep up the good work.
Heya, i'm finding it really hard too, its my second week and i've started my period, yesterday i felt hungry and was worried i wasn't in ketosis even though i haven't cheated! I also feel very weak. Hopefully i'll feel better once my period has finished. xx

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Me too is finding it hard today dont know why went to bed at 7pm had nightmares, its day 23 not cheated at all just feel down.

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