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I'm really struggling without my mousse


Skinny girl in a fat body
As some of you may know, I am trying my best to keep off the bars and mousse. I adore mousse and it has kept me going throughout this diet becasue I love it, look forward to it and it fills me up.

I kept off the mousse and bars last week and lost 4lb which is the best loss I've had for a few weeks. I don't know if it's just coincidence, but I am finding it hard to go without the mousse. I can do without the bars, they were always a treat anyway, but I am sitting here nearly crying for the want of a strawberry mousse:cry:
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Go on Mia, have your mousse. I really dont think they make that much of a difference. curly has em often and she is ok, Ya, everyone is different but is it worth it to make yourself suffer over 1 lb or so? Im sure you will be fine...
I love the mousse - it's the first week I've tried it so I will wait and see what happens at this week's weigh-in. I hope it doesn't affect any loss too much as it does make the shakes go further.
Why might it affect losses though as it only has an extra 18 calories and there are no carbs indicated on the tub?


Skinny girl in a fat body
Go on Mia, have your mousse. I really dont think they make that much of a difference. curly has em often and she is ok, Ya, everyone is different but is it worth it to make yourself suffer over 1 lb or so? Im sure you will be fine...
I've had it :D, OMG it was gorgeous. I am so full and can face the night now :). A body can only take so much depravation can't it:wave_cry:. But ........... I do hope it is only coincidence that I lost more on the week I didn't have it.


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Keep confident Mia, thats the best way to make CD work for you. Maybe you had a good loss last week because your body was ready to shift a bit more than usual. Maybe it didn't actually have anything with not having the mousse at all? Eat it if you want it and it makes you more likely to stay on track- a mousse is far better than a cheat!

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Gosh you have to enjoy the CD meals. It's not like we're having much so you may as well have what you love. I'd rather do that than go off track. I don't see the bars as a snack, I see them as a meal. I think it's because I find them really heavy. I love the mousse too hun. Mia, did your CDC suggest that you have fewer bars and mousse? I read on here all the time about people limiting themselves with the bars and mousse but my CDC has never mentioned to me that they can slow weightloss. Strange if they are only a few calories more!!!

Anyway gald you enjoyed yours xxx


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I really don't think your 4lb weight loss this week had very much to do with you not having mousse. In fact, I've been looking at all the posts you've made over the last 6 weeks (yep, clearly too much time on my hands while I keep myself away from the kitchen :rolleyes:) and it seems to me that your losses have actually been pretty good, considering you've had the odd blip.

You're just not going to get the spectacular losses that some folks get here - because you don't have as much to lose. If you look at the people who consistently lose 5 lbs a week, they generally still have BMIs in excess of 35.

I know you've already had the mousse - and well done you! But don't let yourself feel guilty about it - that way madness lies. There's an extra 20 calories in a scoop of mix-a-mousse - compared to 100 calories or so in 20 king prawns. Plus mix-a-mousse is a legitimate CD food... :D

I just think that 'depriving' yourself of the yummier CD products could ultimately mess with your head - and send you hurtling to the fridge in a moment of mousse-deprived weakness. :)

Don't make an already difficult diet even harder for yourself...

You're doing brilliantly, hun. :0clapper:
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I haven't tried the mousse yet - it sounds yummy.

I love the Cranberry Crunch bars. l know you can have one bar a day, but l was wondering if l should have say only 3 in a week or do without them for a week to see if my weight loss improves, it's been slowing down recently - maybe that is bound to happen anyway. I guess l could try it for a week & see what happens.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks everyone.I know its 'legal' food, but I was just trying to see if I could lose a bit more weight without it. I don't know why I do it really, I try to test myself to see what I can do without, I think I am cracking up with hungrer lol
I gave up the bars and then lost more weight, my CDC also tested to see if I was in ketosis whilst having the bars and I wasn't,, so maybe just giving up the bars will be good enough as I have never had a mousse, so it wasn't them.


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Hey Mia
I am so pleased you had a mousse... I dont think it could have done much harm to you hon....... If you think it did then why not have them every few days rather than every day..
I so know where your coming from hon .. I like you used to have one every day and since on ss+ I hadnt had any.. and I suddenly was missing them so much so I had one yesterday and it was so scrummy.. Dont deprive yourself hon espeically of the food that you are allowed..
Keep smiling I bet your enjoyed it xxxx

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