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I'm scared...

to join the gym...:whacky068:
i know what your all thinking PA.THE.TIC.
i really want to, my uni gym in only £100 for the whole year so it works out at £8 a month, thats the gym and as many classes as you want, its barginous!
i just cant get to that first step of going in and joining, i keep putting it off and putting it off and stalling.
Im scared of it being full of sports students and me being the fat (horrendously) unfit one on the treadmill.
Because im so self conscious anyway, i just dread the thought of it - ive spoke to my boyf about it and he's right in that he said, noone cares that ive joined or that im there, people are there for the same thing and at least im doing it, but its easier said than done i guess.
the annoying thing is that i know if i did the gym alongside SF, my losses would be massive.grrrr.
moan over for tonight!!
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I hated the gym personally is there anyone who could go with you the first few times anyway
I joined my university gym while i was there. I was like you nervous at first but what i discovered to my delight was that i wasn't the only oddly shaped unfit person in there! Like you it took me a few attempt to actually get through the door but once i did i never looked back. Remember, this is uni, everyone is way too wrapped up in their own little worlds to care about what your doing. Don't let your fear stand in the way of your dreams. And if anyone says owt the Minimins SF crew will come up and sort them out for you!
wow that is a bargain price. i would go for it if i was you. dont worry about what others think. they are all there for the same reason you are to get/keep fit. and as carrot said, if you get any s**t send them to us lolol x
Im scared too
I just ordered 6 Exercise dvds from ebay so I ca jump around and sweat in the privacy of my own front room
todays offering "Patsy Palmers " Ibiza workout :bunnydance::bunnydance:

Hoping to start Zumba classes as I find them less intimidating that the gym

might join the gym when Im half way to goal
could you persuade a friend to join with you, would be a shame to miss out on such a bargain
Hello...... I have joined the gym and at nearly 16stone...... I had a tour etc the place didnt seem busy so thought go for it...... got my card and introduction......... AND THEN i went on my own walked in the door thought i CANT do this and quickly shot out the door!!!!! HAD a big think you know.... "everyones going to watch me" .... "no there not" all that going through my head, went back and now go regulary :) YES i do still worry before i go but once there i come out feeling TONS better. Get a free 7 day pass and say you want a trial be fore joining........... GOOD LUCK

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