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Im seriously messing up my good work


Fed up of being fat
I think I've completely lost the plot / my mojo / my zone and I dont know how to get it back. Im feeling quite disheartened with myself and furious and so many other mixed emotions there would be too many to list here. Sorry for such a negative post but feel better putting it on paper so to speak. :blahblah:

I really dont know why Im on the road to self destruct at the moment? I think maybe as Im getting closer to goal Im talking myself into eating a little bit of this which then leads to a bit of that and then a silly binge. Why am I doing this to myself when Im feeling happy-ish with my weight more than I have the past 6 years while being so overweight? I do ok for a couple of days then eat for a couple and the worst thing is Im eating more [email protected] now in an evening than I used to before starting cd. :eatdrink023:

Maybe Im just going through a rough patch and need to stick with it as hard as I can to get through to the smooth side again ... what Im worried about is that the smooth ride wont be coming back my way? :argh:!! ...

ok so I think Im feeling slightly better now Ive got it off my chest, but still thinking about unhealthy foods. I can do this, I know I can do it so why am I making it difficult for myself ..... my CB is really on overdrive the past couple of weeks and I want it to pi*s off to be honest!! :devilangel:
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Hi Missy

Sorry to hear you are finding it tough going at the moment. I think what struck me most was your comment about being happy-ish about your weight - this could be the answer. Somebody said on another post (sorry for borrowing but don't know who it was) that when we begin to feel better about ourselves that in itself can lessen our determination. Hence the reason why re-starting is soo difficult as often you are not in the same place as when you first turned to CD. For example, I was at rock bottom when I started, my weight was becoming a preoccupation and I was so depressed, if I were to stop now and then try to restart in a couple of weeks I would not be in the same place so to speak - alot lighter and generally more positive and therefore not at determined.

Sorry I'm probably not helping much - perhaps try to visualise and take yourself back to the person you were when you first began your journey and all the feelings and reasons why you started CD. If you can focus on this it may help carry you to the finish line.

Hiya Missy, I think many of us feel this way, I know I can self sabbotage very very easily. When we get to "acceptable" size then the momentum can get lost in the abyss, look at how far you have come, dont take your eyes off that prize, and head down, a few more weeks and you will be where you want to be, now in the grand scheme of things that aint so long ;)

I got it back, so Im darn sure you can hun x


Fed up of being fat
Thanks both, much appreciated you replying. Yep you are both right its definitely where Ive reached an 'acceptable' weight and Ive let myself get caught up with the moment and seem to be taking my eyes and mind off my prize.

Ive really thought about my reasons for eating like I have the past couple of weeks and Ive realised in a weird way that I think Im trying to eat to make myself feel miserable so as to feel unhappy enough to do something about my weight again?! ... What weird minds we have at times! So Im in the process of knocking those thoughts out of my head and realising I dont and wont just achieve results on this diet when Im miserable but, that I can get there when Im feeling good too.

Tomorrow is another day for me and I will have reduced my weight by Crimbo. Thanks again both x
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Hi Missy
SO SO identifield with your post, if you look you will see we are almost identicle BMI's ! It must be something about becoming happier with how we look , feeling 'slim enough' after years of living in a body we hated. I think a lot of people probaly do lose the plot at this stage I know I have, and its getting worse by the day. I used to think it was a bad day if I picked a bit too much chicken , now its a good day if I mange to eat the packs at all and dont eat a full pack of biscuits!
Anyway just want to wish you well and thankyou for the thread becuase the replies have helped me to think about what s gone wrong with me and hopefully get a few good weeks in before Christmas.
Keep this thread going and I will post as well perhaps we can get each other back on track and hopefully get to our goals early in the new year !


Fed up of being fat
Aww thanks, you are all great and definitely helping keep my head on track this morning. I am feeling positive and I am going to do well today as Im sure you all are too. x

Heaven, we can both get through this stage Im sure. You have done great, literally 80lbs down already, wow! We can do it, no more picking, we dont need it. Im going to spread my water intake out better too ... I tend to not drink much during the day and end up drinking in the evening, could be another reason why Im struggling in late afternoon / early evenings?

Have a good day all x

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