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i'm slipping

i know i'm throwing away everything i've done. i've binged again today its weigh in day and at first i started by telling myself just a few buttons as a treat then it went down hill from there to the stage i felt ill and was sick. why do i do this to myself? i now feel terriable gonna have a gain tommorrow and probably not lose again this week.
think i'm gonna have to remove temtation from the house. its not good for the kids anyhow they will probably get my bad habits if i don't.
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nibbling on "snax" is first taking you out of ketosis, and you will have to go through the getting back into ketosis work again, if you can sort out ur fridge cupboards, get rid of all things that can tempt you off the path. and you will be good.
as all on here know its about will power and the ability to say no to that slice of delicious chocolate cake.
i think the problem is i'm not back in ketosis from mondays slip up. i think i've just gave myself a wake up call my kids used to eat healthy till i started this then i started treating them more and i think it was because i wanted it so i gave it them no more i'm lucky that its shopping day tommorrow so not much in but from now on theres no rubbish in the house they don't need it and neither do i.
man i feel rubbish


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dont feel bad uve lost a great amount of weight,:clap: and i hope to loose just as much and more :gimi: thanx to this diet and the support of the people on this forum, chin up its one slip :booboo: uve learned from the mistake and ur wiser for it, just remember what your motivation was to start this diet, and let that motivation keep you on track :) :talk017:
thank you all i'm back to it today more determinted today esp since i lost a lb this morning think its a sign i need more cals so 810 is gonna be better for me.


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wooo go you :D


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Yes Tinkerbell, you have to listen to your body. Better to follow 810 100% than SS 80% :) Let us know how it goes!
Yes Tinkerbell, you have to listen to your body. Better to follow 810 100% than SS 80% :) Let us know how it goes!
very good point!:)

well done for admitting it and getting back to it :)

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