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Im so gutted :((((

No im not. They weighed me as usual. Infact twice just incase the scales were wrong but no :( they've told me to see this week hw it goes otherwise they'll hv to contact the LT team n speak to them. N they'll check nxt week if im in ketosis or not. Im so upset today
Don't panic!! Did you by any chance drink alot of water before you got weighed., I get weighed at 9am Monday mornings.. I got home yesterday after weigh in and drank about a litre of water & weighed after out of curiosity Scales went up 3 lbs!!!
I agree...I know you'll b upset, but the water thing is a nightmare...I like to get weighed 1st thing as well before anything passes my lips otherwise the WI can go pear shaped (Bit like me!!)

Stick with it hun, I bet a mahoosive loss awaits you next week, for whatever the reason xx

Big Hugs x
Ahh that will be it then.. It really is best to get weighed first thing before you drink anything.. Or the scales isn't a true reading!! Imagine your weight loss now next week! ;) keep your chin up .. You can do this.. Were all here for you xxx


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it could be all sorts of things, I always make sure when I weigh in that when i go I'm wearing the same thing, same shoes etc always go before i have had my shake and before i have drunk anything that day. I am a serial naughty weigher inner and the difference between getting weighed first thing and last thing in a day can be as much as 6lbs easily, you can also loose 2lbs just having a wee, I also know that my pyjama's weigh 2lbs and the new skirt i bought the other day weighs 3lbs lol. I told you i'm a serial weigher inner lol. Does your pharmacist keep the scales you weigh in on in the same place coz if they put them away and bring them out again that can effect their accuracy, also. Anyway what i'm trying to say is that it may well be not as it appears at first glance try not to be gutted although i completely understand that that is easier said than done x


Like a Renegade Master
just read that back my grammer is terrible lol sorry
Thnx for the advice lilac. Will keep it in mind. Hoping for a good weigh in nxt week. N will make sure i go without drinking anything. Coz my scales at home show ive lost. Bt thn cud be the water like everyone mentioned. Thnx once again :)
This time next week you will look back with a smile on your face and this will become a distant memory as your loss gets bigger. Trust me, you will be a lot happier this time next week.
Yeah, could be loads of things including water retention. For the record, there's one gram per cubic centimetre of water so 500 ml=500 grams (just over a lb).

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