I'm so happy to be here


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It sounds so slushy and I'm not know for my slushiness,;) but it's so good to be here with people supporting each other in their chosen plans.

I felt so alone during maintenance. As if I didn't belong anywhere. The CD forums were only useful to me to remind me of my journey. Happy to support others, but I didn't feel there was anyone who could understand what I was feeling.

Joining other forums didn't fill that hole either. People don't really understand VLCDs and with eating disorders aswell, I felt like I was always justifying CD, which gave me no room to relax and call for help.

It's like a load has been lifted from my shoulders. I felt I was such a failure because I was frightened of failing, yet felt that this should be easy. I was consumed with guilt. Now I feel free...just knowing people go through similar thoughts to my own has been such a relief.

I feel at home here :) Wish this forum had been around earlier in my journey, but better late than never eh :)

Thanks everyone for just being so nice.

Special thanks to Mini and Pierce for starting this great group.

I tell ya what honey, when I first saw Minimins I really felt that there was finally a place for everyone at every stage. I am so glad you have found a niche, somewhere you can get the support you need, and a place to share your experience. Three cheers for Pierce and Mini, and a hug for Karion! :D
I agree - it's lovely in here! Long may it stay that way.
Here, here Karion and Queenie I agree with you totally.

To Mini and Pierce xxxxx
It's so wicked that we have so many different little bits so everyone feels welcome. It could only have been designed by a genius woman, which, of course, describes Mini to a tee!
I totally agree I feel so relaxed and happy here.

Not only does Minimins cover a variety of weightloss programmes, it also carries information for those maintaining.

There are many 'alternative' bits that Isobel has researched so well. Well done Isobel that must have taken so much time.

Diva with the more indepth searching and thinking.

And lets not forget D-Q Paul Mck's No.1 girl.

There' s life after weightloss, self image and surgery from Sassy 76.

Icemoose is here for his wonderful support, blog and recipes:D

There is the pet section, close to my heart, and so many are feeling for Devonbabe and little Jacob - lets all wish for his speedy recovery.

There are fun bits with the quiz, story and poetry sections.

A section for freebies.

And there are so many more all bringing out their own personal expertise and experience to help all of us.

So many different charachters meeting here all being supportive.

I think as Karion has said so many of us have found a place where we can enjoy and input quite happily and expect to receive good support and responses without harsh judgement.

Thank you Mini and Pierce for making this available to all of us.

Linda:) :cool:
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Hear hear, this website is fantabulosis, as my 4 yr old says
What I think is even more lovely than this place being initially fantastic, is the way that everyone is joining in and making it their own space too - a real online community where everyone feels safe, secure and comfortable, knowing that they won't be judged or attacked for thinking 'outside of the box'.


And thank you, Linda for your kind words - must be the teacher in me lol.

lots of love