im so struggling!


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I have been on SS since 1st Jan.. I had my TOTM end of last week, and have finished a few days ago. I have no idea but im really struggling! Im constantly hungry, to the point i could cry! I have major bad tummy ache ALL the time for the past week, where i cant even go out shopping because it hurts. I think i might be a little constipated aswell [sorry tmi] but im also very bloated.

Why am i struggling to much! I had to really really hold myself back from eatting today, I just havent got any "go" atm and dont want to feel like this anymore on it, but its my last chance! help me stick to it and not cheat! i NEED to do this! :break_diet:
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Stay strong!

Have you started on the bars recently, they can increase your appetite?


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:cry:yeah about 2 weeks ago, i reckon this could be it! But its the constipation thats getting me down, iv just taken 3 senokot so hoping it will work!


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Water is filling, or bloating. When the pangs hit then down some water. Are you using the flavourings or having black tea / coffee for variety over the stuff out the tap.
I love sparkling water and sunshine orange.
It is such a shame that you feel so bad when your determination and motivation wants to do well. Could you go out for a walk or go somewhere just so the kitchen isn't the temptation (from experience)?
Hang in there.


somebody shrink me
How many packs do you have a day? I need to have four or I'm starving. Also I think a hot drink takes the edge off hunger more than a cold one.
Can't help with the constipation other than drink more water. Hope you feel better soon x


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Ask your CDC for a pot of fibre 89 to add to your water, it does help with constipation. I find that when i wake up i'm not particularly hungry but if i eat anyway and its early i really feel the hunger earlier for lunch and then earlier in the evening. If you can, try to start your day off when you become hungry (same goes for lunch, don't just eat it at 12 because its 12!) as adjusting the timings mean you aviod eating before your bodys ready and the satisfaction should carry through the day better. Also i agree with having a nice hot drink if you still feel hungry, your almost tricking yourself into thinking your having a soup. :)


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hiya all.. Toke senakot before bed, lets just say i wish i hadnt lol! deffently not constoipated now.

Feeling better today, had all my shakes and bar for today [3 a day], im so tired though today. Thanks for the support, i need it!