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I'm sodding off to WW....


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I'm 3lb from my original target of 9stone.
I've been struggling for weeks now to get on track with cd.
I just can't seem to get back on it without eating. So I've decided to move over to ww. I'm going to move up the plans then go to ww & try to lose another half a stone so I'm about 8.10.
I feel slim again, so hopefully the 1lb a week won't dishearten me too much. lol
I am just losing the will to live with cd, & I'm beginning to hate it. Idon't want to feel like that as it's helped me sooooo much.
Anyway, thanks for all the advice & good luck to everyone. It's a fab diet & although it's been great I hope I NEVER have to come back again!! lol

BTW does anyone know how many points are in a cd shake? I've got a few to use up & I can have them for brekkie....

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sad to see you go but you have to do whats right for you. good luck you have done so well. I was like you last time when I was near goal and you do get to hate it. There are 2 points in the basic shake but dunno bout bars and soups.
good luck


Good luck!

Watch the glycogen gain in the first few days though, and don't let it dishearten you. Remember it will take a wee while for your body to settle down again to a change in diet.

Above all good luck! Hope you get there!


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Me too. I'm going to avoid refined carbs as much as I can as they bloat me up like mad as it is!
Thanks x


Going for Goal!
2 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that all, my god...so if were doing ww we'd be on 6 points a day! Jee wizz i wouldn't survive that with food! 2 slices of bread!!!!!
It's amazing really how much the shakes fill you up.....


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
good luck getting to your target x


can see the end in sight!
good luck!! hope the final half stone or so comes off quickly for you! :)


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Well done, but if I were you, I'd go to Slimming World and just do red days (low carb) - I think it would be a more natural follow-on from a diet so concerned with ketosis. :)


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I'm a lb down already which is good. It's a lot harder than I anticipated though...... I'm soooo hungry all the time!!

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