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Im starting over ( again)

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Sexy abs....sooon !
hi everyone i not been on for a while and hence not been sticking to my plan which is not so good!

I had about a month break realistically my sis got married at the beginning of aug and i not really been ontrack since.

When i started i was 13stone exactly and finished at 11stone and i just weighed myself and i am still 11stone so now time to get back into it i Think.

I found that not being on atkins or low carb has actually made me feel yuk and had a UTI and kidney infection i just getting over... think it cos i been eating crap and not drinking enough water and let the vitamins slip.

anyway just ordered some sero bars and gonna sort out the kitchen cupboards over the weekend for a monday start.

My partner is also getting a bit tubby so he gonna start too ( it was his comment about having to get a size 40 waist trousers that made me realise, i just dont see him as heavy at all a little cuddly sure but not bad!)

so time to get prepared, i feel so sluggish it just getting into the right frame of mind so anyone got any wise word for me? please!!

I wanna get down to around 8stone as i only 5ft4 that is within my bmi so my goal is 3stone by christmas!!!!!! do you thin i can do it or is it unrealistic

hope you all doing well love sam x
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I've done Atkins for years on & of & I love it!
I've also got 3 stone to lose, all baby weight.... I'm starting CD SS on 23rd Sept, but for the last three weeks & for the next three & half I'll be doing Atkins. I like being in ketosis as I feel really in control. I have to force myself to eat most of the time.

I'm 11stone 3lb & want to get to 8 stone for christmas. That was my weight before Ds1 & 2, so wanting to get back to it.

What are Sero bars? I tried the Atkins bars, but they stalled my weightloss. I thought Atkins had stopped working for me, but apparently it's common that the bars can stall you.

I've been having DaVinci's syrup over strawberries & cream which is a major treat with hardly any carbs! So that's my sweet treat instead of the bars....

I've also come across some 1 carb Heinz ketchup. You can only get it in US, but it tastes fab & only has 1 carb per tbsp. Compared to the 4.1 carbs per tbsp in reguar ketchup.

Anyway, good luck in your quest to be thin.... xx

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Sexy abs....sooon !

ok so it took a little longer than anticipated to get back on the wagon so to speak

but i am now on day 2 and cant wait to get back into ketosis I am planning on losing 3stone for christmas. . . i am mad at myself for not doing it sooner but hey ho, I will do it this time.

i will be at target x x

hope everyone is doing ok x :wavey:

Good luck to you both, 3stone by christmas is achievable with some hard work, just try not to get yourself too down if you do have a bad day etc. and whatever you do, do not think, oh well, ive had a chocolate bar today, i may as well be bad today, and start again tomorrow. its a horrible horrible trap, ive been there many times.

Good luck xxxxx

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Sexy abs....sooon !
thanks dani x half way through day2 not finding it too bad to be honest which is good think i in the right frame of mind x


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i'm on day 2 as well of re-start number (too many)!!!!,
I'm mixing 2 cd sachets with a very low carb in the evenings, I want to lose 18lbs before dec 28th, heres to success of us all

sue x
i'm on day 2 as well of re-start number (too many)!!!!,
I'm mixing 2 cd sachets with a very low carb in the evenings, I want to lose 18lbs before dec 28th, heres to success of us all

sue x
Hi there :)

Am i right in saying your taking 2 CD soups/shakes/Tetras or bars and a low carb meal each day?

Interesting as i'd often thought about taking 2 Tetras plus a meal and just wondered how you were getting on :)

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Sexy abs....sooon !
quick update

hey everyone

just a quick update I am now finishing day 13 and had a sneaky peak at scales

i have lost 14lbs (1stone) and 11 inches collated together from all over so i am very happy and on target for 3 stone for christmas!!!!!

sam x x

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