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I'm Struggling Help



Eloquent hooligan
Hey :) What are you struggling with TC ? If it's hunger than you know you can up your salad intake ?

I bought a big bag of mixed rocket salad & had my salmon fillet on that... I was proper sated afterwards...

Perhaps you can start a food diary & write down the times you eat, what you eat & what times you are feeling hungry ?

We're all here for you :) x
Thanx hun, about the salad do you have limited amount of what you should eat or you can eat even half the packet cause i'm really hungry these days and i don't know why


Serial poster
Hi Thai Chilli

Aw dont worry, why do you feel you are struggling?

Is it hunger - Have you got the starter booklet. It says if you feel real hunger then have an allowable snack, that may help.

The total meal replacment diets are very disciplined which obviously worked for you when you did LL. This diet is much more flexible in that you can actually snack and eat a meal, it does work though. To keep your metabolism working though you have to adhere to the little and often principle re the snacks.

We are all here to support you x



Eloquent hooligan
I think allowable vegetables / salads are unrestricted.

I had a whole bag of rocket salad last night, no dressing with a grilled salmon fillet on top :) Was stuffed afterwards.

The bag details was summat daft like 5 cals & zero carbs... (obviously it depends on what type of salad you choose but I love organic rocket / watercress / spinach ones... it was a quid a bag)
I'm going to have salad and cup of nettle tea now, thanx again mates you really help cause my kids are too young and i can't even chat with them about my diets and they don't understand
Hi Thai - sorry to hear your struggling and hope the salad and tea has satisfied your hunger. I did LL as well, last summer for 12 weeks, and lost 3s 10lbs but have put back on 10lbs and still had a stone to lose at the end of Foundation anyway, so now looking to lose around 2 stone on CS. I'm starting tommorrow and I'm hoping that if I had the willpower to do LL, CS should be much easier!?! Here's hoping!

Good luck and take each day as it comes hun - maybe look out a photo of yourself at the size you're aiming for to look at when you feel down, hunger etc., just to remind youself why you're doing this and to hopefully inspire you...that's what I did during LL and it helped me.

Take care x
Thanx to everyone who supported me i really appreciate as i was looking at my fridge and i saw my before and after pictures from LL and i said no i have to do this for myself not for anyone, keep it up guys with your support it really help
have you tried the choc or cafe shake hot i had the cafe one hot this morning and it was more filling than when cold


Eloquent hooligan
I'm eating baby mushrooms raw just now... v filling & guilt free :)
i had chicken with salad for lunch and half an atkins bar raw mushrooms are not some thing id think of eating but i might give them a go


Eloquent hooligan
I'm trying to eat raw vegies as much as poss :)

I love mushrooms anyway (mainly sauteed in loads of butter though :eek:) but they are lovely raw... especially the lil baby button ones :)
to be honest im not a fruit or veg fan, il eat salad if some one else has made it so i just buy a bag of mixed salad and use that, i do like mushrooms cooked like you in butter and with garlic lol
hun keep up the good work, i went off track today didnt take any shake and it should have been day 4, no excuses now starting back tomorrow xxx
yes you can just make it with hot water insead of cold its not as good as a proper latte but was nice the choc one is ok hot as well
i tried the vanilla one frozzen it did freeze but was more like milky ice i thought it would go like ice cream lol dont know why i thought that but it seemed a good idea at the time

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