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Im struggling this week

Well the title says it really :(

I just want to eat food .... and lots of it :mad:

I have only had 1 shake today - it was the same yesterday - I just dont want them.

Im not going mad - had 30g of branflakes today instead of my shake so it equates to the same cals but ive done so well (for me) so far that I want to continue ........ im just afraid im gonna blow it :(

Any suggestions to get myself back on track?

BB x
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baby.......i am on slim fast as well, i have only been on it since Monday, what flavor have you got, have you lost any weight on it xxx


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Try a diff shake or try the ultra slim ones instead for a bit?
i'v been having a meal bar for brekki and a shake for lunch just to get away from the shakes a bit! If you need to take a break then take one.. just dont blow it all together! when i say break, eat food with the same calorie content maybe a day or so then go back to shakes? Maybe ur mind n body need a change?

Its better to take a break and come back and control the situation than push urself too much get fed up and leave it all together!

Also what are u having for snacks? use ur snacks so that ur getting more of what u WANT for ur calories. for example i love walkers french frines and would rather have them than some other boring food with the same caloires.

good luck!


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hi baby, know how you feel, felt like that weds and I did end up going over my cals with snacking. personally, if i give into the urge just a little bit i end up taking it too far and then feeling so cross with myself that i've ruined it all so i may as well eat what i want and then i really blow it and it takes me another week to get back on track :break_diet:
so now, when i feel the demon inside taking over i make myself a cup of tea, get on here and read through the success stories. 10 minutes of positivity and a cuppa later and i'm in more control to say no.
Don't give in, you'll feel so much better once the feeling passes and you know you've overcome it than if you have a munch and feel bad.
Thanks everyone for your support.

I have had today "off" albeit im being good.

I triend on some clothes earlier that havent fitted me for a while - and amazingly they now fit! So thats kind of encouraged me a bit.

Still dont feel like a shake atm but im going to get some of the bars and see if eating them helps. My snacks atm seem to be bacon fries at 100 cals and sf bars - I dont seem to eat much fruit :(

and I definatley will try a cuppa and a motivational read on here :)

Thanks again guys - good to know I can have a wobble on here and you will set me straight :)

BB x

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