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Im struggling

Hi Everyone,

Well I dont know wots wrong with me, got weighed on Mon then on Tues night I had all my shakes and then a few spoons of pickled cabbage.
Then Yesterday had my shakes then wen i was making h2bs dinner I was picking at it, seafood pasta and cheese!!! Then had my soup and nearly threw up then had some chicken!!!!

Why cant I just get back on it, I need to lose this weight and I am going to a party on bank hol I wana lose nearly another stone for, why cant I just be like I was b4 aamw?

Thanks for letting me rant!!!

Anna xxx
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Oh huni, I am having the same problem, keep picking at things and can't stop, i think I am going to have to go up the plan a bit as i just can't stop.
Unfortunalty AAm can unleash many demons that are kept hidden with ss, now the amounts arent much, so its not actual huger, its all in the mind.

The main thing to do is be as strong as you can, really make an effort to not pick, stay clear of it all.

If not then you may have to look at one of the plans, but try and stick with it x


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hi guys, just wanted to offer you some support.

I am looking forward to my first AAM week but dreading it at the same time....the reason I'm doing CD is that I can't be trusted around food and think CD, although it is hard, is what I need at the moment.

At the end of my AAM week will try to look at it this way... Before I started CD I must have been eating at least 3000 cals per day to put a stone on each year over 7 years....I ate family size choc bars in secret, I'd eat more than my fair share of family goodies and while I was out and about shopping during the day with my little girl I would by extra goodies to replace the ones I'd eaten and hide the evidence so my hubby wouldnt know....dreadful I know...anyway, the way I will try to view it is if I can give all that up for 3 cd packs then I should be able to go back to those 3 cd packs after only having a few mouth fulls of chicken and veg. I have my fingers crossed that this will work for me as I know how hard a lot of CD'ers find SS after AAM week. I have sooo much weight to lose that I can't really afford not to go back to ss after my aam week.

I know a few people have moved to 790 after aam week coz they couldnt stand going back to SS, I believe the difference in weight loss in minimal between the 2 plans so either way the weight loss should still be great.

Wishing you luck, SJ xxx


Hi all,I am only new to all this cambridge diet stuff, i heard bout it last week thru a friend, so i met with my counsellor last night and started the ss this morn, its only half way thru day1 and im already starving... please tell me it gets easier? :))sweetcheeks x


Strong women stay slim
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You can get back on it but its only you who can wake up feeling that way ... Took me months after i was so good its all todo with how strong we are at the time , boy you have to be strong , only been back on this now 8 days but its hard . Hope you wake up feeling this is the day !


Strong women stay slim
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Have a read on here of people Blogs see how they got on :) will help you pass time also help you with the CD
This morning was that day!!! I decided that i have done it before and i can do it again! I really want to look good for when I go to my h2bs familys party!! Ive bought some size 16's and so I have to make sure I can get into them!! I think one of the problems was that I was doing an excercise dvd daily last week and then I have had the plasterer in the house and as we havent put doors up i didnt want to do it so they could see my bits wobbling!! But they are finished now so i shall be doing that tonight and get back into it and hope that makes me feel good!!

At the mo I just feel fat where as last week i felt really good!!!

Anyway thanks ladies for making me realise I can do this and more importantly WILL do this!!!! I am nearly half way there!!! Cant wait to see that on my ticker!!!

Thanks again,
Anna xxxx


Strong women stay slim
S: 17st3lb C: 17st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
You sure will do this 30 gone already , just think when they see you at that party ... it will be ,where you gone girl , and doesn't she look good , hasn't she lost weight hehe see its that , that makes you think i'll show them , people you've not seen in a long time , or people who you just see at partys and weddings , and not forgeting funerals lol

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