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Im sure its asked all the time


Let's do this....
Technically it's not a syn request. I'm asking if they are free, not 'how many syns are in it'

Also if u knew the answer u could have answered instead of writing a blurb about it being in the wrong place.
yeah they are all free on ee aslong as you use your milk allowence on pasta n sauces (some of them are syned though e.g. maracroni and carbonara) but savory rices are free (most of them anyways) and most mullers are free (they just changed the recipy so some now have syn values like the mandarine, passionfruit ones) hope this helps xx
There are stickies on pasta and sauce and mullerlights in the synb values sub-forum - precisely because someone was asking this question on about a daily basis - but no they are not all syn free

All the savoury rices are syn free.
Starlight may or may not have known the answer, but as a moderator she can't be expected to know or answer everything herself. We are here to support each other, Starlight is here to make sure that things are posted in the right places. She could have just moved the post and not told you why but was kind enough to explain.

Don't know about the rice or the pasta n sauces but not all mullers are free.
Lothaerna said:
Technically it's not a syn request. I'm asking if they are free, not 'how many syns are in it'

Also if u knew the answer u could have answered instead of writing a blurb about it being in the wrong place.
Thanks Lonestitcher :)

Lothearna asking if something is free or not is still classed as syn requests. As lone stitcher said I don't do SW so I have no idea. My role in the SW forum is to ensure posts are where they should be etc. The yn forum has numerous threads on all the items you asked about. As Patchworkpuss pointed out some are covered by sticky threads as you said in your thread title it's asked all the time. That's why they're kept together so we have a nice easily searchable database

If you look innthe syn forum at the moment there are a couple of muller threads there already from earlier today. They're right up near the start so nice and easy to see. If you have trouble finding the sticky threads on your phone do let me know and I'll talk you through where to find them


I will do this!!!
If your asking if something is free or syns its the same class of question. There are loads of sub forums with specific questions you just need to take a bit of time to look for the right place to put your question.


Let's do this....
Unfortunately pasta and sauce when is search brings up threads with 500+ replies. Which when u r out shopping not only do u not have time to Sift through it all, but your battery wouldnt last either!
Could that be because people are always asking the same question ;)
But seriously the sticky section is the place to go and that should come up near if not at the top of the search list. And it helps if you limit your search to the syn values section rather than the whole board.


I will do this!!!
plus maybe you should check the syn values etc before you go out to do your shop.


Let's do this....
Clearly you don't need to reply any longer to this message. As I've now heard more than once 'look on the stickies' which as I have stated have 500+ replies of pure gumpf!

Never mind tho. I got the info I needed elsewhere.

Again, I do not need anymore replies to this!!!
All people are doing is trying to help you so next time you know. As has already been pointed out to you if you filter the search you get considerably less results. Since youre a relatively infrquent poster people are merely trying to help you for future reference.

I think to refer to the posts on her as 'pure gumpf' is downright rude quite honestly.


I will do this!!!
does anyone else know what happened here?!?! very odd.
Batchelor's Pasta 'n' Sauce
(excluding milk and butter)

Syn free varieties on Green and Extra Easy

Chicken and Mushroom
Chicken and Roast Garlic
Creamy Chicken and Herb
Creamy Tikka Masala
Mushroom and Wine
Tomato, Onion and Herb
Wholegrain, Creamy Tomato and Basil

Varieties with syn values

Carbonara - ½ syn
Cheese, Leek and Ham - 1 syn
Macaroni Cheese - 2 syns
Mild Cheese and Broccoli - ½ syn
Wholegrain, Creamy Carbonara - 1½ syn
Wholegrain, Garlic and Herb - 1 syn
Wholegrain, Mediterranean Tomato and Vegetable - 1 syn

These are all the ones listed online but I think many of them are now discontinued.

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