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I'm surprised.....

I restarted SSing Sunday (2nd time) which is only yesterday. I thought the first days were meant to be the worst...but on Sunday I didn't even feel hungry at all and even struggled to fit in my 3rd pack, and today I only started getting hungry around 4:30ish...and I knew I could have another pack by 6pm anyhow (which I've now finished). I'm a bit worried why I don't feel hungry...perhaps because I'm drinking a lot more water than I did last time? I really don't know. Maybe I went into ketosis faster because I only had about 1000 cals on Fri and on Sat too.

Anyhow, I'm terrified that this might be the calm before the storm. It's about to be a very stressful time at work and I can do without feeling too unwell. Fingers crossed I manage ok this time.

I did wonder if anyone else started around the same time as me again, and has about the same amount of weight to lose? I'm 101kg (15st 11lbs), and am hoping to get down to 12st initially. I think it's doable as it's about 3.75 stones in 5months. I'm 5ft 7 by the way.

Good luck to everyone else who's trying to shift weight (ie most of us)

V :)
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O M G Dreamer I could have posted all of that myself hun!

I started on sunday so today is day 2 for me. I weigh 15 st 11 but I want to get down to 10 stone.

This is maybe my 3rd time doing cambridge and once I am into it I will be fine. Yesterday was a doddle and today I had a pack at 10 and then didn't fancy another til 4.14 and Ive just had a soup.

I had a bit of a headache last night and a little teeny one on its way now but other than that all is well.

So good luck to you on your journey to ...



I have not started again yet, but due to a party on Saturday anyway, i weigh 15st 8lb an would love to be 10-10 1/2 stone. I go away in 6 weeks not sure how much i could lose in that time.

I can honestly say i am never really hungry on SS but it is more habbit that i shove food in my mouth before i know what i've done!!!

Good luck to both of you.

I'm starting again tomorrow after a six month gap-I was 15st 12 before I started cambridge-I've just been weighed in today at 13st 10.I'm 5ft 3in so my ideal weight is probably around 9st ish.Its really hard starting up again but, to be honest, the only time I've felt I could really beat my yo yo dieting history was when I went onto the cambridge diet-I need to refocus and stop giving up on myself.Good luck to us all!!!
Jools: I actually made a mistake and am actually just under 15st 13lbs....oh well, never mind. I actually got the headaches too, although they're mild and come and go...so I don't notice them much. Thanks for the luck :) and same to you

Halloran: Good luck for when you re-start. It's prob wise to wait till the party's over: too much temptation. I reckon you'd manage to lose a fair amount in 6weeks, at least enough to notice a difference, and that's good for motivation. I'm like you, as far as eating goes....I'm used to just shovelling in food out of habit (or boredom, or comfort, etc, etc) and that's why I love this diet so much...I don't need to have food lying around to tempt me like that. Again, good luck with the journey.

Bernieb: Good luck starting tomorrow. That's great how far you've come so far...more than 2 stone off even after a further 6 months. The thought of starting up again is quite hard (I've been putting off for months) but once you're into it, I'm sure you'll be fine.

V :)


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Interestingly, I'm on day 3 and have put on a minimal amount of weights. I'm not panicking, because it's obvious to me with the huge calorie deficit, I couldn't put on real weight. Must be water weight. Maybe that'll stop tonight, as I must be due to go into ketosis today atleast (hopefully). I'd think the water gain would mean I'm not in ketosis at the moment.
Hi Dreamer
Thanks for the comment-I am really looking forward to the day when I can have foods like bread and cheese in the house and not have the overwheming desire to scoff the lot in one sitting.I am going to stick to 3/4 shakes a day plus a little milk for tea 3x a day.So far so good!


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Bernieb I know what you mean about scoffing down food like bread and cheese. Although I like chocolate too, I tend to crave things like bread/cheese more (savouries) and I can actually eat a loaf of bread with soup within about 20 mins....or half a small block of cheese in an hr. I hope your first day on the diet went as planned and that you're experiencing little or no side effects
Me too!

I am re-starting Cambridge today, I weigh 13.10 by my scale. I really want to wear shorts this summer. i would really like support from the pro's out there. I have done this diet before but I am an emotional eater and last year was hard for me so i piled all the weight I lost back on.

Well done everyone for taking control of your weight. I cannot weight to feel secure about how i look.
Hi bimmybaby, I'm sure you'll do great this time, and you'll have learnt lessons last time, which mean you're less likely to pile it back on. I hope your first day back on the diet has been going ok :)


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