I'm thinking about restarting


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I came off a couple of months ago because I wasn't 100% with the plan. But christmas is coming and I have 22lbs to lose. I'm not sure cos I'm on ww at the moment and I put on the first week and I have now lost what I gained. I miss CD cos the weight loss was quick. I lost just under 2 stone and i've put on a bit. Help! I need advice! :confused:
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If you are losing with WW, then why not stick with it until after Christmas? You may well find with all of the social occasions coming up, getting into CD now could be more difficult than you might think...


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Hi Petra, what was your main reason for switching to ww? was it because SS was too restrictive? how about maybe trying SS+ or 810 plan instead of SS so that way you can still have some food and the losses are really good due to them being still low carb.

Good luck with whatever you decide!