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I'm very close to cheating!!!!This happen to anyone else???

S: 15st5lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st10lb(4.65%)
Oh god I dont know if I can do this!:cry: I've stuck 100% percent so far and I dont know what is wrong with me :copon:Its taking everything in me to not get take out! I've never had this kind of craving:17729: before and I reallly dont know if I can do this! I'm feeling very down and out! :help2:Anyone had anything like this happen and give in??? Thanks everyone x
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DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You WILL come out the other side of this craving and you'll love and feel so proud of yourself for not giving in. You'll feel you can do ANYTHING!!!!

Give in and you will REALLY regret it!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ........ Go and have a long soak in the bath ..... do anything to distract youself but don't do it!!
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Hey dont do - it is so not worth it!

My Mum text me earlier saying that the craving actually only lasts a few minutes, so go keep yourself busy.
Put a load of washing in - have a bath, go for a walk........anything that keeps your mind of eating!

Be strong!!! x


Getting there!!!
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hey, dont worry it will pass just say to yourself it will still be there in the end of this!! i find making dinners the hardest for me cause its temptation in front of me! but i think of how much i hate my body right now and it makes me stronger!! x x x
S: 15st5lb C: 14st9lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st10lb(4.65%)
Hey everyone thanks a mill for your support! I feel the craving is passing! Oh my god that was a really close one! Didn't have any cravings last week(week 1) at all so this is the first bad craving I've had and I definitely didn't expect it! Am going out for a walk I think gotta get my positive thinking back! Thanks so much for getting me through this!:thankyou: If I hadn't come one and read these I'd prob be tucking into a chinese:copon: phew:sigh:


Here we go again!
Sorry you're feeling a bit low at the mo. I have had these types of cravings all the way through this, on and off. I have never given in and feel very proud of myself for getting through them. Glad the worst is over but you should really be pleased that you didn't give in to it. If you feel like this again, just think back to how you feel right now, how strong, how in control and how glad you are that you didn't do it. Stay strong, stay focused and you can do this.


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Yes I did was on if for 8 days lost nearly a stone was feeling great! Went out forgot my shake was soooooo hungry caved in to a bacon sandwich......biggest mistake ever! I didnt stop eating put it all back on + 5lb it has taken me 5 weeks to get back on the diet!

Best of luck how what everyone has said helps?! x


I will be skinny again!!!
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Glad they have passed!

Honestly if you feel like this, have a black coffee (it was my saviour during LT)

You can do it! and your getting through the hardest parts is the cravings at the beginning


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yep all the bloody time lol. you just have to use your will power and fight against it. be strong you have had great weight loses. good luck hun we are here to surport if you need us.
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HI hun don't let these moments take you by surprise, I used to think I didn't crave but all it was was that I ate what I craved so didn't notice until on LT, You are in withdrawal, simply put you can do it
Anna x


A little of everything!
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I am becoming a sudoku expert! LOL! If I feel the urge (and I still do regularly!) I have to keep moving, do something- tidy, clean the cooker, do some ironing, have a shower, paint my nails (if the kids are in bed!) or make a big mug of black tea and sit down with a book of puzzles (am requesting a DS Lite for my birthday! LOL!) Anything to keep out of the kitchen and away from temptation!


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Congrats on not giving in to your craving. I didn't really get any intense craving until my 3rd week too. But I just give myself a good talking to. When I had one, I just reminded myself LT is like a holiday away from food, and would it is be worth it to give in. Would it make me any slimmer etc. Then went and got busy with something else away from the kitchen. I'm on week 4 and it does get easier.
But as the week go by I'm facing new challanges I'm going camping way with a canoe club in a couple of weeks so trying to figure my way round not drinking by the camp fire or the morning fry up.
I suppose it is the learning curve they will help us stay thin after LT.


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yeh i felt like eatin last week but i jst stuck 2 it like every1 has allways sed n after a bit i didnt feel like eatin agen so it was all good i have 2 admit tho i havent reely had alota cravings doin this


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Hey Mirsydotes,

be strong missus, you will manage. I had cravings for the first 2 weeks. You have to think of a little food monster in ur belly that keeps nagging and wants food and you just tell urself that u don't want to feed it!

Thing is once u would give in you would feel so bad afterwards and then on the next WI you would notice it and you would feel even worse. It is just not worth it!

But i certainly understand all this is easier said as done. Like everyone els e dsaid, distract urself. What helped me was a big mug of peppermint tea with sweeteners or coffe!

You can do it and just remember that u iwll have less and less cravings!

Come on...you can do it!

Best of luck x

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