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im weak

lol as the title sugests, im weak! ive decided im going to have a bottle of wine tonight, im in a biatch of a mood and i need to unwind so im goin to drink tonight and then the next two days im going to have three shakes a day and no meals - make up for it, hopefully that will work for me and i wont do too much damage! eeek! im questioning myself now if im going to or not lol
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Eloquent hooligan
Stand away from the corkscrew !!

Sounds to me like you just need some Howdy-lovin' ;)
welllllll.... in the end i was saved by my brother, he phoned and said he was coming up so the wine is still where it should be! i have to admit though i did eat a bit of chocolate im really annoyed now cause ive probably messed my motabalism up for the next day or two! just going to have three shakes today and hopefully that will help any damage.
i know mazza, i feel like ive comletely let myself down, like who am i to give advice now as ive messed up?! anyway not going there to the self pitty lol its done and dusted and im moving on, no more mistakes!!
MMMM... yup BUT not as nice as i had made it out to be in my head lol so my advise is dont do it lol its not 'all that'
Id kill for chips atm lol
Thats what I did 8 weeks on Cambridge diet nearly 3 stone off had a night out after that couldnt do any more than 2 more weeks I wish I never as I was 18 lbs off goal :break_diet::cry:
Hope your back on track :Dx
chips and fried egg thats what i want lol
If I fancy something ...I have a tiny bit (if it is not protein) and a bigger bit if it is. I find this keeps on the straight and narrow. When I did Cambridge (also lost 3 stone in 8 weeks) I used to have veg and cheese at night or some chicken and it never affected my weightlosses. I had a small slice of toast yesterday (7.6g carbs) but only had egg with it (no carbs) and was still in ketosis...oh..and a glass of wine. My weight loss is steady too.
i need to try and get some of those sticks lol im paranoid though after someone on here was questioned in boots for them. might buy online save the grief haa
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it was my daughter who was questioned as to why i wanted them but she text me today to say she got me some from another boots she said the woman never said a word just got them for her

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