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  1. Madferret

    Madferret Mad as a Hatter

    This morning, My 6 year old son got onto the scales ... and lo and behold - he weighs the same amount of weight as I want to lose... OMG :eek:
    Everytime I look at him now, I will be able to visualise just how much extra weight I am carrying around with me..

    Sometimes he falls asleep downstairs, and I have to carry him up to bed... we live in a 3 storey house, and by the time I drop him into bed, I feel shocking... I feel out of breath, shattered etc etc..

    How good will it be to lose the equivalent of my eldest son in body fat... I will feel fantastic...
    This morning has really brought it home to me, how much I actually want to do this...

    Just thought I would share...

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  3. Lisa Claire

    Lisa Claire Full Member

    Thats mad! What a great comparison, it's good to actually know what carrying that amount of extra weight feels like!
  4. Witchy

    Witchy ButtERfly

    Its a scary thought but very duable, you will do it, and good luck with it xx
  5. MissPiggynomore

    MissPiggynomore just wants to be slim

    And think of the the added pressure on your heart for having to support that extra weight too! It's amazing how heavy even a few pounds is when you actually hold it. My CDC has 2 plastic lumps resemling 1lb of fat and 5lb of fat on her table and it's suprising how heavy they are when you hold them, even the 1lb! Certainly makes you think doesn't it, and for me it motivates me more to get rid of it!!!
  6. Watergirl

    Watergirl Rock Solid

    Know what you mean - people are always disappointed with a 1lb loss, but it's still a big chunk of fat!
  7. PollyPerkins

    PollyPerkins Full Member

    hi all
    I compare my weight loss needed with 3 suit cases full of luggage on our annual holiday abroad.
    I find it difficult to pull my case along the airport never mind carrying 3 cases full of fat in my body day in day out.
  8. MissPiggynomore

    MissPiggynomore just wants to be slim

    wow, when you put it like that.....jeez!! That's definately and extreme and motivating way to look at it!
  9. Eternalflame

    Eternalflame Excited about the new me!

    ..and what an inspiration for you too. You have determination, and I'm sure you'll do this, xxx
  10. Wales

    Wales Silver Member

    I reckon my sister in law weighs about 7 1/2 stone (she is tiny) which is the amount I need to lose in total to get to a "normal" weight. It was when I acknowledged this that I knew I had to do something and started CD.

    I am over half way there and can't wait to not feel like an actual elephant in the same room!
  11. minibum

    minibum Full Member

    I think that's probably the same for my daughter too! Thanks for sharing that as it's a great comparison- I shall be using it too!

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