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Peace Love Happiness
Imagine when I can fit into clothes that haven't fitted me for seven years (size 12s) or ten years (size 10s), I have literally £1000's worth of clothes I never dreamed I would get close to fitting into again... but I'm going to dare to hope.

Imagine the clothes I can buy when we go to New York for my birthday (mid November). The groovy jeans, maybe even skinny ones I can tuck into boots.

Awww, my favourite winter coat, the leather jacket I had made, the 20 or so pairs of jeans -probably all out of fashion by now, but I don't care, if they fit me I'm going to wear them...

Imagine waking up and not hating my big fat stomach, having loads of energy, getting everything done I need to do, exercising without feeling like I'm going to collapse. Eating sensibly and caring for my body.

Imagine Christmas time, when we visit bf's parents and I will be thin! Wearing cute clothes and enjoying my life!

Thank you all for coming here and giving such tremendous support!
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You will do it. Really sweet post. You made me smile:bliss:
ur post has spurred me on ,, yes imagine putiin anything on and it fits ... just no more tryin to tie it up just fits snuggly ..i want a lovely long winter jumper to wear with tights and boots :) sounds crazy but i want it
Finally....that the kind of posts i like to read.....i love this word.....

keep saying this to yourself....you can and you WANT to do this...
i feel all warm and cosy now ,, happy knowing we can do this and we are gonna ..... big jumper here i come :)
Wohooo! A bit of positivity injected into the LT board! About time too! :D What a lovely thread liberty_girl, you will achieve all of those things and so soon too! :)

fairy10 - I'll join you in having that as one of my mini-goals! :)
rainbow bright great .... and liberty girl will u check ur clothes to see if u got any jumper for me lol :)
Well that's it now missus, you're on! We have to get those outfits and take pics and post them at Christmas! You up for it? :p
yep rainbow bright ur on ,,, liberty girl u on ?? and the rest
What a good post you have put a smile on my face.. I am imageing going shopping for the first time in new look and not just evans and the internet, having a bigger range of clothes to choose from, and most importantly just to beable to avoid the frumpy looking clothes that always make me feel 10 times bigger x
I know exactly what you mean!! Soon I'll not be able to wail "I've got nothing to wear" as I will be able to fit into the other 90% of my wardrobe(s) :)

I know exactly what you mean!! Soon I'll not be able to wail "I've got nothing to wear" as I will be able to fit into the other 90% of my wardrobe(s) :)

LOL Likewise hun! :)
My wardrobe is more, I can't fit into 80% of my clothes coz they are all TOO BIG for me!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do look a bit of a scruff though! Big tops falling of my shoulder exposing my underwear is so NOT a good look!!! Lol!!!

All my clothes from 7, 12 and even 14 years ago won't fit coz I am lighter now, plus, with 3 children I had maternity clothes then and no-one wants to fit into those when they aren't pregnant!!

Great post babe! Really encouraging to us all! I wonder what I'll be wearing Christmas! Will defo dress up this year and do it all properly instead of slopping aroung in joggers and baggy t-shirts like last year!

We'll want pics of the glammed up Christmas cuddlyfairy... ;)
Now there's a challenge!!!

Will defo need a new frock then won't I!!! (any excuse to shop! Better earn some money first! Lol!)



Peace Love Happiness
Visualising thighs that don't rub together, upper arms that don't look like sausages...double chin gone, taking a normal bra size ie not a 'G'

I can do this, I can do this

Day 6!
Liberty, you can do this! Good luck with day 6.

It is so nice to go out without having to put talc on thighs! Though I'm still a G!!!!


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