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Impatient me

Hi all

I have my first appointment with my CDC on Wednesday evening. I feel as though I should be eating loads so that I can lose even more! How crazy is that?! Hmmm, women's logic I guess. I'm so excited but just want to get started now !!!!! I don't want to wait til Wednesday!!

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Good luck hun not long now, you have the right attitude for it x
Good luck hun, start uping your water and cut your carb intake, you will do great hun.xx
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It is sooo exciting, knowing your journey is about to start :D

I have (like many on here) failed miserably on numberous diets, but with CD, it just clicked, and i have been on it 100%, and no problems :D
In fact today is my 2nd weigh in and i lost another 4lb, thats 12lb in 12 days :D

seeing the weight drop off is fab and keeps you going....

good luck for your CD journey :D

Love Shazza
Thanks ladies!!!! I think you're right, the fact that you lose it so quickly makes you want to stick to it hopefully. If there wasn't such instant results then it'd be damn hard to stick to it!! Thanks again xxx
PS how do you get all your awesome signatures? I went on the blinky sticky up the top but it just showed them to me, how do I get one for me?!!


I lurve lurve lurve bars
hi good luck with your cd journey,may I just say I had what I call an emu day(stands for eat as much as you can)the day before and it doesnt do you any favours atall!!Low carbing is the best way into it as has been said already the early symptoms wont be as bad if not non existent for you and you will slip into keto a lot faster and easier
Good luck look forward to seeing you melt away


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Good luck
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When I started LL people in the group said after they'd got the ok to do it they'd started eating loads as they knew they wouldn't be able to for months, I didn't I started upping water and for the last few das before starting I cut out carbs. I was the only person int he group that weighed less my first day than I had on the induction date. So my first loss was a genuine loss and not, like the others, getting back to where they should've started from - if that makes sense.

I did the same for CD and my CDC said a lot of people do the eat as much as they can thing.

Go with what susan suggested and cut the carbs out to make life easier when it comes too starting cd. You will be drinking a hell of a lot of water so maybe start getting your minimal down now to get used to it - 4 pints a day
Hi its wednesday so have you seen your cdc? x
Hi Kel - yeah I saw her this evening. I'm fully stocked with the shakes (and two soups) so am raring to go!!!! I'm a bit scared cause I don't want to let myself down like I have on every other diet before. I don't want to come up with stupid excuses like i normally do (eg i'm so tired ad need to be awake at work so i should really eat something to give me some energy....). I want to feel positive but have messed up so many times before that I don't want people to think its just a fad.

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