Importance of Water??!!

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    Can anyone tell me the importance of drinking loads of water? I know alot of people have said that they loose more weight but does anyone know why that is? I am drinking around 1.5 litres a day and tea and coffee find it quite difficult to manage more then that.

    I know it is v important and I just thought that if I knew why exactly it may help me drink more!?

    W. x

    ps When will this hunger go away its hell on earth :sigh:
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  3. YumyMumy

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    i wish I could tell you, my CDC expalined the other day but I was drifting off becuase had my eye on my baby crawling about! something to do with the liver not being able to help burn fat because in ketosis and body cant do both if your dehydrated? not positive? I will email her and double cheke, I remember I boosted my water by 2ltrs as soon as she said haha x
  4. 13katrina

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    I think water is really important on any weight loss program as it helps to flush away toxins etc.

    However, I think if you are following VLCD, you are not getting water from food - as food can contain a lot of your daily requirement of liquids. Therefore, it's important to make this up to stay healthy.

    I know it's also to do with Ketosis but can't remember all the ins and outs now - it's been a while since I followed the CD/LL. I'm sure a councillor or someone following the program will be along shortly to advise!!

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