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Important info re maple & pecan porridge!!

Thanks to MrsAH bringing it to my attention, I have discovered that the new Maple & Pecan porridge is in fact NOT wheat/gluten free as stated in their allergy/intolerances section - Cambridge Weight Plan: Allergies/Intolerances/Choices

It does infact state in the nutritional breakdown that it contains -

Milk, Soya, Oats, WHEAT, Barley, Spelt and Rye!!!

I have REALLY been suffering this week which I put down to being on the diet itself though the symptoms are much the same as when I have wheat/gluten. I am SO angry!!

I am going to write a strong letter of complaint aswell as informing my CDC as it will take me at least a couple of weeks to get over this AFTER no longer eating it, And they`re lucky that I get the affects that I do, and that I`m not as bad as my dad - This would have killed him!!

PLEASE be aware if you need wheat/gluten free that this DOES contain Wheat.

Thankyou MrsAH for bringing this to my attention :( At least now I know why I have been so bad. I should have guessed really :cry:

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I`m a bit worried that complaining will get my CDC in trouble :confused::(

You know how people like to pass the buck! Can they trace me back to her?

It`s their fault for listing it as wheat/gluten free on their webpage but I`m worried they`ll say she should have known and told me :confused:

:sigh: :(
This is a serious health issue and it need to be addressed ASAP!! Don't worry u follow the right channels and submit a complaint, informing CD headoffice the effects it has on you and the seriousness of this false advertising!!!


Stubborn tortoise
So sorry SS... I'd report it too, it is CD's fault and not the CDC... they are flagging it as gluten free so she , like everyone else, would accept that as truth. Their fault. I'm sorry because I know it was your fave flavour, too. :eek:(

Thanks everyone x

I will definately be complaining! I`m going to put it in writing rather than phoning cos I`ll get worked up and won`t be able to get my words out properly.

This is a terribly shocking health issue. They could potentially kill someone with incorrect information.

Thankyou again MrsAH, Without you pointing it out to me, I would have continued to eat it and continued to suffer. I really hope you`re feeling a bit better now


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