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Important Notice - Personal Information


Staff member
Hi Everybody,

I just want to remind you to be vigilant regarding your personal information.

Today we removed 2 threads that ask members for a long list of details. While this may seem like a fun activity it can also unfortunately end in tears.

If you remember when you register for different things online, such as bank accounts, emails, paypal accounts etc there is always a secret question.

These questions can be, names of good friends, colours, maiden names, favourite pet names, school's, favourite locations all of which are asked directly/indirectly on these kind of threads.

So once somebody knows your email, they just need to figure out what services you use, and then they have a list of personal information that they can use as a directory to reset your password on that service and then gain unauthorized entry. Some services like paypal do an excellent job of sending you an email if your primary email changes but other services may not do that.

Again we are just asking for people to be vigilant when giving out personal information. As it says in our rules, all content on this site can be googled and that is possibly how you even found MiniMins.

You are responsible for your own security and personal details on the internet.

Best Regards,
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soon to be skinny minnie
ooohhh never thought about it like that but i see your point, thanks
Thanks for keeping an eye out for us xxxx
Ooops!! I just thought it was a bit of fun, never mind :) x
defo puts a new persepctive on it doesnt it x

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