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In A Pickle, Need Advice!!!

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Hello ladies and gents,

I need some serious advice because playin around on these diets is gettin ridiculous now.

I have stopped n started cambridge afew times because well im too greedy....since i started it bk in 2009 i have put on 2 stone!! what a joke!

i then tried ww tbh i didnt try very hard.
and i havent lost anythin!

I had the worst year of my life in 2010 and now im hoping 2011 is my year! i have booked 2 holidays and i dnt wanna be the size i am now!

I applied to be considered for a gastric band and yay if it works but what if it doesnt!

I just need some advice or some reassuring words or stories just anything to kick my arse into gear..

do u think i could do cambridge after failing so much!? I dont want to fail again!

I wouldnt do cambridge for all of my weight loss just half of it...

thank you for reading.
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Why Be Normal?
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Hi Small Jaxy --

I think to do a VLCD you really have to have "your head in the right place". I started and stopped CD a few times last year. I had lost weight (5 stone) with Lighter Life and the therapy and the group support involved with that programme was very helpful.

I kept the weight off for some time (about a year) then started regaining. I started and stopped with CD through out 2010 (because I know that a VLCD works for me and works fast). But, I did not stick to it. So, I'd lose a little , regain it, etc. Now I'm back to lose it and work hard at maintaining - because that is what it will be: WORK.

In your case, I would strongly recommend you consider doing Lighter Life with a good counsellor -- and really working the programme. A VLCD is hard -- and without doing LL with my friend (and as a part of the group) I do not think I would have successfully lost the weight, maintained it as long as I did, and was able to come back and commit to CD with less than 2.5 stone to lose. (It was when I realised I had gain almost half back that I FINALLY could recommitted.) I am in my 3rd week and going strong.

Gastric band surgery is very drastic -- there is a forum on this site for it (I think). I have know several people who have had it done. Most have been fine and had no problems, but there are a couple who did not have a best experience. It is permanent, major surgery, etc. But the risks of being very overweight will probably out weigh the surgical risks. Good luck with whatever your choice is -- and congratulations for deciding to do something about your weight... because it is really hard to do. (Easier to not think about it.)



Silver Member
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Hi Small, I will echo Minnie's comments, it is all about your head being in the right place.

I have hopped on and off for a while, and it's normal, we are all here because we have issues with food, you are not alone !

Minnie may be right, LL does counselling (I do CD as LL isn't affordable for me) but I have a great CDC who also does some image therapy and takes the time to help me understand my eating habits.

You have to wake up and think today is the day, I lost all my weight and have put it all back on because I didn't learn how to eat nor to exersize, which is why this time I am have a different approach. I have to change my life to stay slim, and I am always going to have to make more sensible choices. Good Luck in whatever you do, we are always here at minimins for you x
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Good advice there :)

I think if you really want to do it and your head is in the right zone this time you WILL achieve it :)

Good luck x
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if you think 2011 is your year you might find that your head is in the right place. it is the one thing that counts.

you can but try. just remember to be very focused about why you want to do it. set small goals and go for it. exercise is very important in the long term but not necessarily right now.

this time round i've learnt that i'm very much an emotional eater and eat under stress. i've picked a bit lately as i'm under extreme stress. it doesn't help with the situation though and i've just understood that now. it actually makes it worse in the long run.

i think that you need to find yourself and find your reasons why you eat what you do. maybe start by thinking about what you are eating now and why. want, need, habbit etc.
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i thoroughly agree with the wise ones about having your head in the right place.. i know its insignificant, but i tried cambridge in november 2009 - i wanted to lose weight, but i obviously didnt want it badly enough because i caved in the first week.. but this time around im now on day 9 (which i know isnt very long in the scheme of things lol) but i havent even felt the need to cheat (despite hubby trying to tempt me lol) & im 100% focused - & i WILL reach my goal..
u can do this if u want it enough - u just need to stay motivated & focus on the end result :)

i think setting yourself small goals & giving yourself a (non-food!) treat when u reach one to reward yourself also really helps keep u on track! Xx


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)
@SexyMummy -- congrats on making it to day 9. I really feel if you can get through the first week -- you are really invested in the programme and have a much better chance of getting to goal! Yeah You!

S: 17st13lb C: 16st3lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 39 Loss: 1st10lb(9.56%)
aww thanks MinnieMel :D
forums like this are absolutely fantastic for support so even being a new member has had a positive impact on my motivation! which reminds me Small Jaxy, have a look at the before/after pics & read everyone's storys - if anything will put u in the right frame of mind that will because its so inspirational to see others that have started, struggled but overcome it all & reached their goal :) Xx
S: 19st4.0lb C: 19st4.0lb G: 16st0lb BMI: 44.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone, i think im gunna do it!

As someone else said LL is too expensive!

time to go crawling back to my cdc lol!

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