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In danger of becoming scale obsessed.


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I think there is a real possibility that I'm in danger of becoming obsessed with what the scales say. The bathroom scales at home need a new battery so I can't weigh myself at home but just down the road from where I work a chemist has one of those weight machines and you can use it for free. I've already been there on Monday but I really feel the need to go this lunch time even though my WI is tonight.

Someone stop me!!
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Call me Nicky xx
dont go, you are going to be weighed tonight anyway.

Ask yourself WHY do you want to keep weighing yourself, if you are sticking to plan then you have no reason to be concerned. Different scales, different reading. Stick with SW scales only x



This is really the time!
Stop!!!!!!!!!!! Just think of the excitement of the unknown tonight. Thats what keeps the buzz going...Don't do it!


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Thank you ladies... I read your replies before I nipped out and kept them in mind! I didn't go as far as the chemist and limited myself to Sainsburys as that is no where near it!!

I don't think I'll be replacing the bathroom scales battery any time soon!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i would have weighed myself i like weighing myself it makes me happy cause i feel like i'm monitering and i'm in control, why should you feel guilty bout it i do it morning and night i like looking at my weight XXX


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I don't feel guilty when I weigh myself however I don't want to be weighing myself everyday as if I have a 'bad' result it could knock me for the rest of the week let alone that day.

I know for some weighing themselves each day or a couple of times a day is fine... it doesn't bother them but for me it would become such a bigger thing. I like SW as it is teaching me to eat a healthy and varied (apart from porrige for breakfast everyday as I've only just dicovered I like it!) diet... I don't want to become that preocupied by my weight that I stop eating in order to lose weight


This is really the time!
I understand that and feel the same. It knocks me if I look like i havent lost. So, I have banned myself from my scales now lol
I threw my scales out when I started - its tough but it means you never know what to expect when you go to class and even a 1lb loss feels fantastic!
I ditched my scales years ago!!! I only ever weigh myself at Boots now..or when I visit my mum.
I still have my scales but they are for hubby to use now and I never go near. I used to wi at home when on ww and just post result on boards but needed to get back to a class again as things started to slip. I won't use mine as I don't want to think I haven't lost or have lost more as not sure what they read compared to class ones. I have been there before and it disheartened me and put me into a binge and then it did ruin my week so have learned from that.

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