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In need of a SW buddy!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by fatkidwantscake, 28 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Hi all!

    Im struggling at the moment and hoping having someone to speak to and to build a friendship with (text/whatsapp possibly) will help me get to my goal. Ive lost 2st 4lbs since October and Im up and down more than a yoyo! I still have 5st 4.5lbs to target and it seems like such a long way off. My husband is trying to follow SW but he doesnt have much will power so trying to get him to understand how hard I am finding things is impossible!
    Im 27, and a stay at home mum with two children which is difficult as im never far from the biscuit tin! So if anybody doesnt think im a saddo (haha) and wants a buddy let me know xx
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  3. skinnylegs

    skinnylegs Silver Member

    Hey I'm starting again and would also like someone to buddy up with as i'm not going to group and my partner doesn't follow slimming world and it can be very hard watching him eat copious amounts of crisps and chocolate!
  4. It really is hard isnt it?! I turn into a moody cow when im surrounded by other people eating what i shouldnt..but i just cant help it!
    How much do you want to loose? Xx
  5. babybloo

    babybloo Extra Easy Apparently...!

    I'm a re-starter but constant dieter (!!). Feel free to add me!
  6. MrsTinaV

    MrsTinaV Loving Married Life

    I'd love a buddy. I have 9 stone to go! Lost 1st 10lb so far. I'm 29.

    i work Mon-Thurs & my hubby wears 32inch waist jeans, eats whatever and doesn't gain. I just look at a cake and gain! Xx
  7. skinnylegs

    skinnylegs Silver Member

    I feel your pain mine exercises a lot though. I want to lose between 1.5 to 2 stones it's more of a dress size thing though.
  8. How do you add people babybloo? Im on my phone...maybe i need to use the laptop?

    Tina - that sounds just like me! Do you find it easier to control your eating whilst your at work? Amd do you go to group? Ive got weigh in tomorow evening..eek!

    Where are you all from? Xx
  9. skinnylegs

    skinnylegs Silver Member

    Oh good luck! I always find this part of the day tricky where I start to get hungry waiting for the OH get back. Also third day in and I've found my sugar levels are a bit all over the place but phew i'm thinking about the end goal. I'm from Southampton how about you?
  10. Im from Wiltshire, not far from Bath.
    Im struggling now too. My husband has my re-doing our kitchen, and as it was out of bounds me and the children stayed at my parents last night. But I came home this morning to find a whole dominos pizza sat in the fridge even though there was a SW chilli in the fridge for him eat last night.
    Its killing me as im desperate to scoff it! And as he is still busy working, i cant cook any dinner so im STARVING! Bloody men! Xx
  11. babybloo

    babybloo Extra Easy Apparently...!

    I'm not really sure how to do it but I've had private messages & things before.

    I'm 33 & from central scotland. My husband is another who eats what he likes & never seems to gain although he is a gym freak.

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  12. skinnylegs

    skinnylegs Silver Member

    Keep strong and have the chili. Why is it as soon as you change your eating habits you suddenly fixate on things?
  13. Well i resisted the pizza and stuck to plan and feel so much better today. Get weighed tonight so hopefully its going to be a good loss :)

    Ive found that since starting SW i have become completely obsessive with the diet :-s
  14. babybloo

    babybloo Extra Easy Apparently...!

    Well done on resisting the pizza. This is my first day on plan after joining yesterday and as it isn't pay day until tomorrow my cupboards are looking a bit bare. Was walking around the supermarket this morning like a rabbit in headlights- I followed SW for years but for the past few years have gone to and from WW propoints and my head seems programmed to that now.
  15. bilsat

    bilsat Really likes to cook

    Hi All.
    Just saw this post.
    When I started along the SW road I couldn't see the light at the end, now Iv'e got there life is good!
    Firstly set yourself a target to aim for, say 1 stone in 8 weeks! Now that's dueable so plan ahead.
    write a menu for the week, only buy the ingredients for these meals, (try to choose meals that your partner will eat)
    If you can prepare meals that can go in a slow cooker, get up a little earlier and get it ready, when you come to meal time the lovely smell will make you wish you did this all the time....
    I always have a large breakfast, then I don't want to eat anything till dinner time, always have fruit available for those hunger pangs, saved the temptation to look for sweets etc.
    Remember, be determined and you will succeed!
    I was given 6 months to live if I didn't change my eating habit's, after 2 strokes I got the message!
    That was 3 years ago, so ladies, go for it, you are doing it for your own self estime.
    If you want ideas for food then follow the links below for my recipes.
    Give me a call if you need to.
  16. kikaroo

    kikaroo Silver Member

    Aww that's so mean of him :-( my mum had the same problem with my stepdad the first time she tried it, he's much more supportive second time around though. I'm 29 and not a million miles away from you (I'm in Bristol) so pm me if you want to chat / exchange numbers xx
  17. kikaroo

    kikaroo Silver Member

    Pete, I just wanted to say you're an inspiration. I'm 1.5 stone lighter, with about 2.5 stone left to go and can attribute much of my weight loss to your fantastic recipes! Thank you!! :) xx
  18. I lost 5lbs at weigh in on Thursday and im feeling more motivated than ever :)
    Thanks Pete. Your so right, and im determinded to suceed now :) ive even dragged my exercise out of the shed to do a bit every evening.
  19. Ive tried to PM you kilaroo but as im on my phone it wont let me...will go on the laptop tonight x
  20. kikaroo

    kikaroo Silver Member

    I think it's your settings - I think you have to have made a certain number of posts before you get access to pm x
  21. mockridge13

    mockridge13 Full Member

    Hi all mind if I join you? I started back on plan a few weeks ago but work 3 jobs and can't manage to get to class but miss the support you got from going to group. Lost 10lb so far with another 2/3 stone to go. Feel a bit old though at 48 but come with lots of experience lol.
    My hubby is supportive and cooks tea while I'm working the sw way but get the feeling deep down he thinks hear we go again.

    Great loss always makes me want to loose weight even more.

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