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In need of motivation


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Hi all - looking for some motivation/inspiration :)

I was doing relatively well but completely lost the plot about six weeks ago. Not that it is an excuse but my six month old baby was hospitalised for a week and we were kept in isolation until he was given the all clear. That meant that my partner was bringing in food for me and envitably it was not SW friendly. Since then I have not been able to get back on board and have regained 8 pounds.

So, in an effort to remotivate myself I bought myself a twelve week countdown today and am recommiting myself to SW.

I feel so annoyed with myself for regaining some of the weight I lost - I have a long way to go and I feel like I have, through my own stupidity, made the journey even longer. :cry:

I know that the motivation has to ultimately come from within but I'm hoping to get some inspiration from you lot on here as some many of you have done so well and perhaps some of it will rub off on me :p

Thanks for listening! xx
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8 pounds in 6 weeks is nothing doll, people can gain that in 2 weeks or less. Youve not done too much damage and can get that weight off agian in no time.

Glad to hear your baby is ok now and that you are getting back on it!
Thats something to be proud of!
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I do hope that your child is on the mend.
Last year my daughter spent 3 weeks in hospital (1 week around every 3 months) with severe kidney infections - I remember how chaotic life was and it was almost impossible to eat well (although, I had not found SW at that point).
You have made a new commitment - good on you - and it seems as though your motivation is high.
I do hope that it continues - remember to use this site as much as possible. x
hope your baby is well on the mend now and well done for starting again.

Buying a countdown is one of my top tips, I liked to set a target for my weight loss at the end of each countdown, I found it really helpful having an aim.

you can do it!


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hope the little one is doing ok now xxx

start afresh from today, everyone here is behind you hun x


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S: 20st8lb C: 18st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 47.5 Loss: 2st0lb(9.72%)
Thanks for responses. He is much better now thanks. Fortunately because he is so young, he won't remember it but it scared the life out of me. I realise now more than ever that I am definitely a comfort eater when times are hard and I'm scared/upset. xx


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Hi there Wendi
Hope your little one is well now...
Im part of a team "queen size to princess" we all have loaddddds to lose .... feel free to come and join us if you think it will help...everyone on there is lovely and really helpful...
good luck on your weight loss journey...
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I'm glad that your baby is OK! :)

Now, as for your gain, don't worry about it. It couldn't be helped, so you mustn't feel annoyed! Instead, forget it and start afresh. You've made a great start by buying the countdown. Stick with the plan, and you will do extremely well!!!

Good luck!


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Hi Wendy
In the grand scheme of things you've had a hiccup, that's all! Forgive yourself the slip (we've all slipped under far less stressful circumstances than you were under with your child being ill). Look forward and give yourself a pat on the back for restarting. You go girl!

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