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  1. Sass

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    Little History - Last Jan i started dieting and lost over 4 stone in total. 2 with slim fast and 2 with Cambridge. I then fell off the wagon and decided to give up. Now i'm back to square one. I don't know how much weight i have gained but i know i have gone back to my old ways. I feel very down and keep crying, blaming many other life issues but the pattern is too obvious to ignore, when i'm big i'm truly unhappy. I manage to go about daily life but deep down i'm a mess. Knowing how i felt when i lost weight last year i can see how much more happier i was.

    So i'd like to restart on a diet but the big question is which one??? This is where you guys come in :) Knowing how helpfully everyone was last year i thought if i could explain what i want from the diet then maybe someone could point me in the right direction.

    Wants from the diet
    I want to shed some stones :eek:
    I want to be happy doing the diet.
    I want to feel healthy whilst on a diet.
    I want to be able to still enjoy some foods
    I want to be able to socialise
    I want it to change my eating habits forever

    Don't wants from the diet
    I don't want to feel like its overtaking my life
    I don't want to spend lots of money
    I don't want to feel ill

    Most of all i don't want to feel the way i do now forever!

    I do know that for any diet to work you need to be in the right frame of mind and i have that focus back again, this time i want to find the right diet and stick with it for life.
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    Hi sass

    sorry to hear you have gone back to your old ways - seems like you did really well.

    I have done WW before and that seems like a good option if you want to be able to go out and socialise.
    Make sure you do plenty of exercise too :D
    I have done both Atkins and Dukan diet this year, and due to their protein content Im afraid they both are quite expensive.
    I think any diet does kind of take over you life - It has to to get your results.
  4. Sass

    Sass Silver Member

    Hi Vicky, thanks for the reply. Yea i think i will go with WW. I did join a local group last year but only went once as went back on Cambridge.

    Going to start a fresh new way of living tomorrow. Its not just a diet!
  5. 1974rach

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    I think Vicky is right - WW is going to give you the flexibility you need from a diet - it isn't going to cost a lot, and won't take over your life.

    How do you feel about starting on WW?

  6. Faustina

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    Just eating good food and watching the calories.
    All diets are the same really, it's all about exercise and healthy food and how many calories you take in and spend. You are clearly determined after all that weight loss and you've made such a good effort. My heart goes out to you, it is rotten to wonder at what all the effort was for. But it's a new day, a new week, a new month and a new year. Forget the past as much as you can.

    Whatever you decide to do make sure you are eating good fresh food and learning a new recipe a week. Fill yourself up with nutritious food and get out for some fresh air every day. All slimming clubs basically count calories, it's the support you're paying for so it's 6 of one and half a dozen fo the other. They can't do it for you but you can Sass. You stuck to vclds for a long time so you are very strong. I hope you use that strength to eat well and make food a friend, it's nowt to be scared of and will do you the world of good.

    All the best for this journey, you can do it!!! :bliss:
  7. Forever Starting Over

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    can't stick to just one!
    all the best with what you decide. Can i ask why you are not going back to diets like slimfast that have worked for you in the past? If you are looking for the support too then Im with the others and feel weight watchers will give you the knowledge needed around what foods you're eating. All the best x
  8. dextermummy

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    Calorie counting
    I haven't tried many diets but I would highly recommend Calorie counting. You are totally in control, can make your diet up of any foods you want as long as you stay within your calorie limit, which you set. It encourages you to make healthier choices, simply because you get more food for your calories. You can eat socially either making healthier choices (sometimes involves a little research or a healthy dose of guestimating), or allowing yourself what you want and cutting back your calories elsewhere.
    You can eat the foods you want, and learn about what foods are weight friendly (I wont say good for you because it isn't always the same thing as low cal, but it's a starting point). Some people while ccing also monitor fat content, carb content, mix in some food replacent produvcts, although none of that is necessary for weightloss.

    Basically you play the game how you want, as strict or as relaxed as you want depending on how quick you want the weight off. I've found it brilliant as I hate following rules, could not live off shakes, and have nooo money. Oh yeah that's the other great thing, it's free.

    Check out the cc forum for more info, everyone there is more than happy to offer support and advice.
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