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    Hello everyone, first of all I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be a member...I hope you can offer me some help. Since I was 19 (I'm 31 now) I've been a yo-yo member of Slimming World, tried Weight Watchers just the once and the whole counting points didn't work for me. This year alone I've joined and left a lovely Slimming World group 3/4 times because I've been disappointed with how slow my weight has come off - I used to lose weight really quickly but I've found, as I've got older, it's got slower and slower especially with the medication I was put on at the end of last year. I've always found myself frustrated and downheartened and quit...each time gaining more weight. I'm now at my heaviest and almost my most unhappiest and I recognise I need to go back...but I feel so ashamed to go back to the lovely group I have been a member of before. I wouldn't want to go to another group and, to be honest, the time of the group suits me. Do you think I'm being silly? Would it be a good idea to contact the consultant beforehand and voice my concerns or just go? I guess I'm worried what other people will think, as in the other members who go that will remember I have joined, left and rejoined so many times over the past 9 months. Thanks for reading, apologies for the long post xx
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  3. Hi loobielou. Welcome to minimins. Of course you are not being silly. All your ideas about just turning up or even calling the consultant beforehand sound sensible. If slimming world is what you are comfortable with then take that first step and just go back. It sounds like you have a good group and that should help you get back on track. I have found that now that I am in my 30s losing weight is harder too but we can do it! X
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    Loosing weight is definitely harder post 30. I've been trying to lose weight for over a year in Feb last year I reached my 1 stone lost Mark and then just went up and down for the rest of the year culminating in putting nearly all of it back on in the lead up to Christmas.

    Since I was 21 I have put on and lost about 3stone 3 times!

    But that is what the consultants are there for, to support and re-motivate. I'm also sure most people in the room will totally understand where you're coming from and have probably quit and restarted themselves a number of times.

    Let us know what you decide and how you get on. X

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    Im sure no1 will think badly of you at your group.. People understand how hard the weightloss journey is, especially when they're on the same journey themselves! Go for it! Think only about yourself and what u need to do for you! As you're the only person it will effect at the end of the day :) good luck.. I know how hard it is x
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    Hi loobylou i would like to say that i bet everyone in that class has been in the same boat started, stopped, started i know i have. Your leader is there to support you not to judge you. Everyone trying to loose wait will tell you its not easy, but with determination and will power you will suceed but it is only you that can do it. Your mind set must be right to start with otherwise you wont commit, no one said its easy it isnt but we are all in the same boat trying to reach the same goal "weight loss" i am sure now that it ismaking you so miserable you will suceed so take that step and go back you will be glad you did !!!

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