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In&Out of Ketosis....effects on current attempt? Any ideas?


I have decided to take these thoughts out of my blogand in to the wider forum. Hoping you can share your thoughts/experiences?

I'm on day 9 of a zillionth restart (well about 6..since 2006!)

Been on scales this am and showing 6lb loss BUT thats 1st thing in morning so I'm guessing at a 4lb'er. Not great by VLCD standards. This is what I'd like to get across and get some ideas about?

OK, so for 8 whole days now I have consumed; 32 food packs, 7 of which were bars, about 200g cheese not as a full on mousey munch but more as a moo-ing style graze over about 5 days, skimmed milk in tea, diet coke, water some of which flavoured. I'm sure that if a NORMAL person, someone who has neverVLCD'd previously reduced their intake to that amount that they would defolose more than 4lb!! What do you think? I'm on my zillionth restart. Have I fooked my system.

Has my body got wise to it?

:banana dancer:​
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Hi Wagonwheel

OK, so for 8 whole days now I have consumed; 32 food packs, 7 of which were bars, about 200g cheese not as a full on mousey munch but more as a moo-ing style graze over about 5 days, skimmed milk in tea, diet coke, water some of which flavoured. I'm sure that if a NORMAL person, someone who has neverVLCD'd previously reduced their intake to that amount that they would defolose more than 4lb!! What do you think? I'm on my zillionth restart. Have I fooked my system.

I can only comment on my own experience. You have consumed cheese, milk and diet coke in the first week. Following LL to the letter those items are not allowed as part of the programme. This is bound to have an effect and likely to prevent you going into ketosis, hence preventing a bigger weight loss.

Also, bars are excluded entirely for at least the first four days, so you should only have had at most four bars.

On LL I followed the programme precisely and lost 14lb in the first week. On WW I massively reduced my intake on the first week and lost 5lb so you are in line with losses on a 'normal' diet.

So, no, I don't think you have messed up your system. I do think you need to follow the programme properly to realise the full benefits.

Hope this helps.
I'm with thin inside, I think you need to knock off the milk and the diet coke to get into ketosis, no point suffering on a VLCD if you don't go the hole hog and get the benefits and weight loss due to ketosis.

I had to re-read the book to remind myself - I know the water has changed since I first did foundation, you now count tea and coffe in your 4 litres (whereas you didn't before)
You need to have loads of water, that helps you to feel full, you haven't mentioned water at all. You defo need it if you are on food packs.
You think a 4lb loss isn't great? What were you hoping for? As the others said, knock off the snacking and coke and you'll see a better loss.
Hi guys

Thanks for checking on! I agree...to do it 100% is maximising potential. However, being a serial restarter my 80% ish this week is a major improvement!! The thing is I AM in K!! I get in to it quite easily!


Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
Hi - I don;t want this to sound bad, but if you are doing LL for the zillionth time, you surely know now that cheese, diet coke, milk, etc., in fact ANYTHING, on top of 32 packs will not work as it is meant to?

I am perplexed that you are having all those things when you obviously want to do this - the fact you keep restarting.

Are you doing LL? OR is it another VLCD where you also eat? If so, surely there are better choices then cheese and milk and soda!

Diet Coke, well, drop that pronto - it makes a person gain weight. Its horrible stuff and only makes you crave things. Cheese is pure fat....so that should go. ALl those thinkgs will affect ketosis one way or another as well.

I am just confused? Based on what you said, I would be over the moonn with a 4lb loss, as I would not expect any loss. But maybe you are on another plan??

Best thing I can suggest, is use the will power you use to keep putting yourself through this, and buckle down, take a zero-tolerance approach and nail it once and for all.

What do you think makes you keep having to restart? Might be a good idea to look there to start. Once the mind is sorted, the rest follows much more effortlessly.

Its not easy, but what you are going through sounds much harder on you physically and mentally?

Good luck to you - in the end, just remember, its all in your hands. Put your mind to it, and you can do it.



Is back in the saddle!
Sorry, I find this total crooked thinking a bit of an insult.

How the hell can you think to lose weight stuffing your face with all that crap and profess to be on this diet? There are people on here who are serious about changing their lives for the better and are making huge changes to do so.

Get a life and get real! :mad:


Silver Member
Have to say, I'm totally with FT here. I find it a bit insulting that you post that, when I have been in abstinence for over 9 weeks and not lapsed in any way at all. What's the point in being on this if you're not going to follow it to the letter, and then moan when it doesn't give you the results you want?! :confused:


Silver Member
You've obviously stirred up some controversy here.It sounds to me that you are not ready to do this diet yet.Perhaps you should re-think your motivation and why you are mucking about like this.Good luck
Hi there
I have had a look at your blog and must admit that I too am a bit confused as to what diet you are on - is it LL or another VLCD?

It does seem that its probably not LL.

Anyway, hope you get your head round whatever it is you are doing
daisy x
Hi guys

Thanks for he replies! I hear what you're saying and maybe this is what I needed to rethink. I'm attempting 100%! Apologies to anyone I may have offended, never my intention. Good job I have thick skin too!

Thick skin is always a very good thing ot have in life ;)

I don;t think anyone meant to personally assault you. But this is a hardcore diet, and we all try to strive to stick to it - as you do, and as I and many others did.

I think for some you posts might have stung a bit - because there are those who follow the plan 100% and maybe have very small losses, and then when they hear someone is munching away and then complaining because they've "only" lost 6 pounds - well, that stings a little....and in some minds belittles their efforts? Just guessing here.

Kicks up the backside are good.

If I can add one coment, which I intend to be helpful, not hurtful, is after reading the first 4 or 5 entries in your blog, my honest opinion is that you are deep in denial. You made remarks each day that you had been 100% - yet you also mantioned each day you had a bit of diet coke, or a bit of cheese, or a bit of milk. I hear what you are saying - that is far better behaviour then you maybe exhibited in the past - but it s not beiong 100% buy a long shot.

This type of diet requires 100% commitment. And in order to do that you have to be painfully honest with yourself.

If you are in ketosis there is no reason the hunger should get to you - you might think you are hungry, but physically you are not. This would indeed suggest a very strong likelyhood that you DO suffer from emoitonal eating - which I think you questioned in one of your entries.

I really do hope this works for you this time, but to be honest, until you are 100% honest with YOURSELF first - I am doubtful for you and fear you are setting yourself up for failure.

This can be done. You know that as you did it once. Where did that go wrong? Did you not follow RTM?

I think anhyone can do this - but I think you need to really evaluate if this is the plan for you. It is fast, yes, but only if you are willing and able to put in the hard graft to do it. If not, then other plans may be more suitable.

I wish you luck. I can hear your frustration and anger in your blog. I know what it is like to be morbidly obese. I was 10 stone overweight before I did this diet. SO I understand. That can change for you - but for it to change you - you need to change you first. If you get me?

I hope you know this is meant as friendly advice - I don;t like to come down on people, personally, but - I also don;t like to sit by if I see something I think they are doing, which hurts them, and not say anything.

Good luck to you.
Hi Blonde Logic
Thanks for this post. I'm not going to get into fighting my corner on here with other minimins, that's not what this is about. My original point was about effects on K. It seems others took my post personally as if it reflected somehow on them and responded as if I'd gone out of my way to offend. NOT AT ALL!

I know I've not been 100% and believe me 100% is obviously more desireable and if I was able to manage it I would have done and there would have been no need for my post in the first place.

I have never denied that I am an emotional eater. I am indeed.

I am plodding on.

Thanks Blonde Logic, I appreciate your advice and hear your empathy.
I know nothing about this dietary method, but I do know that although tough love can be a good thing mostly, an individual so clearly struggling to tackle the constant emotional struggles with any form of diet, let alone one that demands the total abstinence of the most prevalent substance in your life for the last 20 years or more and therefore the foremost thing on your mind, needs more than anything to be supported and encouraged.

Not labelled as a traitor to the cause and made to feel inferior. Getting to the point where you need to be on any kind of diet had made us all members of the same club regardless of how big we are and how we decide to improve our situation.

Stick with your blog and stick with the diet more importantly.

Good luck. And be strong.
FF....brought a tear...honestly! Thankyou, you clearly understand. I appreciate your support. x


Silver Member
Wagon Wheel, I owe you an apology for my previous post. Not an excuse, however I was having a dreadful time, and reading your post tipped me over the edge.

I do still feel that you need to realise the only way LL will work is to understand it is a life-changing programme, and therefore you have to commit 100% to get the weight-loss results you want quickly, and more importantly to change your behaviour for life.

Apologies if you felt I was attacking you, I didn't mean to, and I wish you luck for your future.

WW. I have tried so many conventional diets in the past on not managed to get past my 2nd week. Always craving for more food and wine and feeling hungry. Lighterlife has suited me down to the ground, taking food out of the equation altogether and not having to think about cooking, shopping and what I can and cannot have. I have religiously stook to this LL diet as I know once you step off the wagon and cheat it not only stops some of the hard work you have already achieved but it can make you feel hungry.
Focus on your goal and how you are going to feel when you are slim and hold on to those feelings!!
Hope you can get your head around it, good luck!
Herbie (Lesley)
Thanks Herbie!I'm getting there and have my eyes on the prize! SLIMDOM! xx

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