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In pain advice needed


For last few days i have had a achy pain where my ribs are across my ribs not just one side.

Does anyone know what this is? It is above the stomach but just below the boobs.

Is it related to my diet? Never had it before but it has got worse today.

I am on ss, drinking 4 -6 pints today and toilets motions are all ok.

Thanks for any advice i would really appreciate it.
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Sounds like gallstones to me hun. You need to go and see your GP and get a scan arranged to see if I'm right. I had this last year and had my gallbladder removed, it's no biggy honestly. If you're pains to much you can take painkillers to help.
Thanks Kelly mundy

I had read you can get gallstones with weight loss etc... but was really hoping it isnt this.
Did you have it right across your ribs?? It is more on the right side but i have def felt the achy pain (not stabbing) right across.
It helps if i kneel on the floor and lean onto the sofa.

Thanks for your advice.

Will phone GP now

I orignally thought the pain was coming from the middle of the bottom of my ribcage (if that makes sence) until the A+E doctor started prodding around the right side and I was in agony.
Gallstones are actually caused by your original high fat diet not your current weight loss, it can irritate the gallstones which is why you're feeling them now.;)
When I had my gallbladder out, I felt more of the pain on my right side in my back. It sure hurt! Go see your doctor quickly, just to make sure, because if you have a bad attack, it can go septic.

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