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In search of the new me

I've posted this on the main forum but thought I should start a diary to keep me on track and give me somewhere to post my thoughts and feelings......sometimes there's times when other people, not on a weight loss journey themselves, just don't get it . I thought i'd make this my little sanctuary....

Hi there,

I'm new here, thought i'd introduce myself and say Hi. Here's my story so far...

Well, i'm a working mum of two and i've been overweight ALL of my life. I lost my mum when i was little and although no excuse, I feel this is where my eating problems stem from. I think i learned from a young age to comfort eat and its just continued from then on.....now its time to break the cycle.

Around this time last year, I joined sw and lost almost 2.5 stone, it took me about 9 months, which was pretty slow and I kind of lost my way, possibly because of how long it was taking. I know that 2.5 stone is a good loss but I guess I got bored of seeing little or no results week in week out that I got bored and gave up. Since then (about May time) i've managed to put almost a stone of that back on grrrr. I'm really annoyed at myself but I realise that won't do me any good, I just need to get on and do something about it. I've got about 5 stone to lose, but just going to concentrate on the first stone for now...

So, here I am. I can't get to meetings so have joined ww online. My weigh day is Thursday and i'm 2 days in now. I have to say the only downside to joining online is trying to find all the info to get started, it'd be much easier to just have a book to refer to until I get my head round what i'm doing lol. I'm completely new to Propoints and feeling a bit lost at the mo. I know my daily and weekly allowance but is there anything else i should know as I start off?

I think i've done ok up to now, I really need to invest in some kitchen scales at the weekend, mine decided to die on me yesterday so there's been a lot of guess work involved up to now.....dangerous I know lol!!

Anyhow, I have a feeling i'll be around here a lot from now on, probably asking a million questions and looking for a bit of help.

Sorry for such a long post....if you've made it to here then thanks a million:)
Off to update my statistics

Kat x
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Hi Kat ,lovely to have you with us. Pro points is excellent and really flexible. Have you got your starter pack yet? .You should get the little book with the food lists and all the propoints. I dont know what the system is with WW on line. Ask whatever questions you need to ask girl ,there is usually someone around to answer you . Use us to have a moan or to rejoice with . I have around 5 stone to loose too so will be around for a while too. Try to check in each day and even put your food diary on as well . It all helps to keep you focussed . Best of luck this week . Breda
Aw hi and thanks for the welcome. Hoping I'm on the right track, you don't get a booklet with ww online, all the info is on the website. Everything I need to know will be there, its just dificult to find everything when you need a quick reference.

I've been having a look around this forum and there seems to be a wealth of information....I shouldn't have any problems if I stick around here. I think keeping a diary will help keep me focused too.

Anyhow, thanks for popping by and good luck for this week.
Kat x
Hi, I have recently joined ww after a long stint with sw and find it a new inspiration. I have over 5 stone to lose so hopefully I will stick to it and be around for a while. I am thinking of starting a diary but just haven't had a chance as yet. I also have children but have given up my job and gone to uni, so I know how difficult it can be at times, but this time is for keeps! Good luck and if I can help I am here xx
Hi and thanks, it's a long road but we'll get there. It's so lovely to know that there are so many supportive people out there. Good luck for this week all.
Kat x
Well, bit if a rubbish day yesterday. The weather was nasty and the nose bag was well and truly on, think I devoured practically all my weeklies in a kfc tea....not good! I'm back on track today and have been super good, I've had to be seeing as I've no weeklies left lol. Just made the chicken chasseur for tea and it was yum, even the OH and kids enjoyed it.
He He !!!!!!!!! my hubby always says everyone in the house eats better and more regularly when I am back at WW. Does them no harm at all . :D
Keep meaning to post my food diary and keep forgetting....so here goes. I'll start with yesterday as I can't remember before that (would rather forget Sunday if i'm honest!!)and try to keep it up each day...
Monday 10/10 -
Brekkie, 40g Branflakes 4pp

Milk - 1pint of skimmed for the day inluding on cereal and in tea. Probably a bit over estimated but i'm too lazy to measure it out everyday. 5pp

Lunch at work, 1x sweet and sour mugshot 7pp
2x clemintines 0pp

Dinner, homemade chicken chasseur from ww recipe 4pp, LF oven chips 7pp, frozen peas 2pp

Total for the day 29pp, I do have 33pp per day and know its important to use them all but I was still trying to claw back my overindulgence on Sunday.

Tuesday 11/10
Brekkie - 40g branflakes 4pp and milk for the day 5pp

Lunch at work, tomato and herb mug shot and 2x clemintines 7pp

snack - nectarine 0pp

Dinner - ww pepperoni pizza with salad 13pp...not had it yet but thats the plan
Well, ended up having 3/4 of the pizza with salad, I thought it was really hot!! I don't really do hot so didn't enjoy it that much.... so 10pp instead of 13pp.
7pp left for the day..... 3 chocolate digestives it is then nom mom nom :)
Todays food...

Breakfast - 40g branflakes 4pp

Milk for the day 5pp

Lunch - Roast chicken mug shot 6pp and 2x clemintines 0pp

Snack - apple 0pp

Dinner - Gammon steak 7pp Jacket spud 8pp and 3 tbspn baked beans 2pp

Total for day so far 32pp, i've got a whole 1pp to save for later...mmmmm now what shall i spend that on??
Hi Katkins , food looks good , whats roast chicken mug shot ??????? . thought mug shot was a drink or should there just be a comma ,easily confused me :eek:
Hiya, mug shots are packets of pasta that you make in a cup with boiling water. They're not that interesting but they are quick and easy as I only have a 15 min lunch break at work. They're not everyones cup of tea but I quite like them. The tomato and herb one is my favourite. They're cheap too, I think asda have them at 4 for £2 at the min.
Kat x
Hi, I tried the ww pizza and I know exactly what you mean. I only managed half of it tho before it burned my mouth out. I found ww garlic dough balls in asda the other day so I am going to try them mmmmm. 4pts for 4 x
Hi, I tried the ww pizza and I know exactly what you mean. I only managed half of it tho before it burned my mouth out. I found ww garlic dough balls in asda the other day so I am going to try them mmmmm. 4pts for 4 x
mmm garrrrlic dough balls mmm, not seen those but they sound yummy. Will have to seek them out.
I've not had a WW pizza in yrs! The last one I had was really sloppy.
I did see the dough balls though yum yum!
The texture was ok actually and it looked really nice when i got it out of the oven but boy was it hot. It was pepperoni but there MUST have been chilli on it, either that or the peppers were the jalapeno (sp?) kind
Whoop whoop, first weigh in and i've lost 4 and a quater pounds!!! To say i'm thrilled is an understatement...after my naughty Sunday i wasn't too hopeful but it just goes to show that eating your weeklies doesn't stop you losing (i really did have my doubts about that if i'm honest).

Anyhow, a new week now and a new weekly allowance, I will probably be eating them all again but will try not to do it in one day this time lol
New daily points is 32

Food for today
Breakfast - 40g Branflakes 4pp(boring i know i have them everyday but i really do love em)

Milk for the day 5pp

Lunch - 4x ww malted danish 5pp, 2 tspn of margarine 2pp and portion of wafer thin ham 1pp

Snacks - 2 clemintines 0pp and 1x apple 0pp

Dinner....is going to be homemade spag bol with beef mince, mushrooms, peppers, onions, garlic, oxo and chopped tomatoes and spaghetti 14pp

1 point left again, may have a jaffa cake lol

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