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In the naughty corner.....


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....is me.

I just can't focus at the moment. I can for 2 or 3 days, really well but then it all goes wrong.
We've had so much on lately and so much nice food and I keep bl00dy well gaining.

I'm really cross with myself. I'm over my target and need to sort myself out.
I even have a food diary this week :cry:.

I don't even know why I'm posting this, I know what to do, I tell everyone enough :p but I think it's good to share.

Just had a lovely fruit salad for breakfast and planning some egg salad for lunch. Unfortunately I'm going out for dinner tonight which couldn't have come at a worse time - steak and salad I think and NO pudding.

Had to share. Feel a bit better now.
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Hun... i know how ur feeling.. sometimes lift just takes over :) u KNOW where u are going wrong so that is fine.. just get back to it step by step :)
Giving u HUGE hugs


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Maybe once things quiet down a little you'll find it easier to get back to it. I think I want to try to get to target well before the Christmas season, because once that kicks off, it'll really be tough! :p


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Hello Jaylou

You do help us all and what you would be telling us all now, is.. draw a line and start from scratch, write it all down and plan your days.. Steak tonight with salad is fine, lots more Red Days will bring your lb's back off as well. Good luck, but we know you can do it hun. xx


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Yep Christmas is really tough!! I went over my target then and it took me ages to get back down again. Each pound to lose is so tough!
I feel really guilty too and I know I shouldn't but I feel like I let myself, the consultant and my group down when I go over target.

*goes off to eat salad and sulk*.......
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Well done you for being so honest.
It's tough when it must feel as though everyone is watching you in your group - you're not letting anyone down, you're just being normal!
I think you need to get the food diaries going again - I keep a paper one at home now - it really does focus the mind!!!
You know you can do it - everyone here will be 100% behind you. x


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One meal at a time is all I can manage sometimes. It's tough and we all know how you feel. Sending you psitive SW thoughts :)


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Good on you for being honest!

Just like we said to CP when she had a blip a couple of weeks ago... its good to know the people we look up to are human :eek:)

I know you'll get back to target, you've been there before xx


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Mate- I think you need to take a big step back for a moment. What you are describing- the occasional overeating and the slight fluctuation in weight IS NORMAL BEHAVIOUR!!!!

You are on a weight loss support site and go to class so are constantly surrounded by those of us who are still battling with losing and all they can seem to focus on is shifting weight. You are at target, which obviously has many of it's own pitfalls, but what you are describing to me sounds like exactly what normal people go through. My OH who has never had a weight issue or a problem around food sometimes lets life get the better of him and eats more than normal- this results in him gaining a few pounds and having to cut back for a couple of weeks- but to him it is just the way the world works, so try and see it like that, through the eyes of 'normality' and not through the eyes of a 'dieter'

You are a superstar, and my hero. Whenever I get nervous about getting to target and whether I will cope, I think of you and how grounded, realistic and sensible you are. Part of that behaviour is an acceptance that things don't always go exactly how we would like, but also accepting that the key is to focus on how we deal with the problem and move on.

This is a temporary blip, that feels at the moment like the centre of your world.......but it isn't! In the middle of EVERYTHING you have achieved it is just a little bit of life catching you up (that can easily be beat back down with some Jaylou magic)

You rock, mate!!!!


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That is all a part of life and we have ups and downs, but you've done it before (reach target) and you'll do it again. Good luck for a good week ahead!


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I can completely sympathise with you!!! I have been on and off plan for a month now, a loss and a gain and a loss and a gain. It's so frustrating because you know what to do - its just not always easy to do it!!

I had a loss this week even though i didnt keep a food diary (first time since starting the plan again) and it sort of pushed me to try harder this week to have 2 losses in a row.

You've done so well huni, keep up the good work




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Well I am very pleased to report that I am now out of the naughty corner. Phew.
After a very good week of sticking to it and finding my motivation once again, I'm happy to say I lost 3lb this week.
Thanks for your support guys - it meant a lot. xx

Mrs V

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Well done Jaylou!!! No more naughty step for a while now Hun!

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I have put back a stone on since christmas and I am only just making a commitment to get back into it. 6 months of messing about on and off has landed me here so determined to get back to target yet again! But try to think of all you can have instead of what you can't have. I have just been on phase 1 of the Harcombe diet and believe me that was tough and I only lost a pound!! In that you have to cut out everything except meat butter oil veg exc potatoes and mushrooms so no milk, cheese, pasta, dairy etc, no fruit. It was only for 5 days and I survived it but it made me think about all that SW does have to offer. x
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Well done you!
3lbs is a great loss. I hope that you enjoyed your week of being on track - now you can breathe a little sigh of relief! xx

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