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inbetween sizes and fed up

I have a wardrobe full of clothes that are either too big or too small for me.

I am trying to work out what I can wear and nothing looks right on me anymore and its really depressing me!

I just tried a size 20 jeans on and they were tight, and I feel so disheartened I thought I was on my way to a 16 soon :(

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don't be disheartented, only today a post was put on for difference in clothes sizes depending on the shops!

You have done brilliant so far and soon you'll be in those 16's xxx
I'm just stressing myself out stupidly because I am trying to find an outfit which shows off my loss the most for my "reveal" tomorrow :(

doesnt help that I have the worlds most bloated stomach
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I'm a size 16 and weigh 12 and a half stones, I was an 18 when I was 14 stones. I wonder when I will be a 14 or even a 12!!? It's so hard to tell isn't it and even when people are the same height and weigh the same they can look so different.
How much have you lost since people at Uni last saw you?
I have lost 3 stone since they last saw me. Trouble is I think they are expecting me to be a size 12 or something now haha they have no idea how much I had to lose


reaching my goal
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You will get into those size 16s very soon , you will look great tomoz good luck at uni !!!
Thank you everyone. Tomorrow is the moment I have been busting my chops for all summer!!


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All the best for tom. I am sure you will look great! 3 stone is amazing - congrats!
I know exactly what you mean about being in between sizes - I also have that full wardrobe but nothing in it that fits right either too big or too small. I guess we just have to keep at it till the too small is just right.....grrr!

Anyway hope uni goes well. What are you studying?
Thanks everyone :D
I am studying forensic anthropology and crime scene investigation, cant wait to get back into it!
S: 14st7lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 3st7lb(24.14%)
3 stones is a fantastic loss, I'm sure they will see a difference :)

I hope you have a great day back at uni, the topic sounds fascinating!
S x


Mistress of the Dark
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Aww Racheal I know exactly how you feel!!! I've lost nearly 3 and a half stone and I'm still wearing the same clothes even though they are falling off me!!! I just can't get into the next size down yet! A week or so ago I went back to uni and saw some people I hadn't seen for 4 months and guess what? No comments about me looking slimmer or anything!!!!

On the plus side, this week I saw someone else I hadn't seen for 4 months and she said "Where's the rest of you???" so that did make me feel better.

I still won't be happy until I've dropped a size though!!! I go back properly on Monday and will see everyone else. I'm so worried they won't notice and that I will have got my hopes up for 'a big reveal' as you put it, that isn't going to happen!

I have my first night out in over a year tomorrow night and I'm bricking it!!!

Anyway, stick at it and you will all of a sudden be dropping those sizes at a great rate of knots! Last time I did CD, it took about 4st for me to drop a size but then they flew off! xxx
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Racheal you may have posted elsewhere, but i cant see it.... just wondered how the big reveal went??

I know the feeling re too big/too small clothes - it feels like my wardrobe has always been like that!

Elvira, i think im quite niave - 4 stone for one dress size?? I had no idea, ive been ratherly stupidly thinking that i drop a dress size with about a stone or so!!! doh!! x
I posted it all in my diary which is in the diaries section :)
if not its all on my blog which is on the link below!

went well though, thanks for asking :D

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