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Indian food - what can you have on AAM?

I've got friends coming tomorrow to help me with sorting things for the big move in 3 weeks time.

I've got no food in as I'm currently SSing. They'll probably have an Indian takeaway, or we might go to the Indian restaurant - either way.

My question is, should I decide to join them, what can I have? I was thinking of chicken tikka.

What else can I have if I were on, say, AAM?


Mandana x
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Radix lecti

Party line says you have a piece of fish or chicken about the size of your palm and two tablespoons of veg or salad.:sigh:

however, on my second AAM week i was on a course with a colleague for a week so i actually went out for a spanish tapas, mexican and chinese (oops:D) but i just tried to be sensible and keep to low fat, low carb options - basically meat and veg and small portions - had chicken and mushrooms at the chinese. Ok some of the things i had were definitely big no nos but i had decided for that week i would take the hit but actually, because i was away i didn't weigh that week and i made sure i got straight back on SSing and at next weigh in for the two weeks i had lost 5lbs.
Not saying that would work for everyone but sometimes i think you have to have some flexibility - just make sure if you have the tikka (no sauce!:eek:) and a treat that you get back to SSing after.
Incidentally i also found i couldn't eat that much anyway as my stomach couldn't fit it in..
Thanks Sally

Was wondering along the lines of what an Indian menu consists of with no sauce!

I'm a Korma girl myself, but know that is off-menu, as are onion bahjees, naan bread .. etc., etc., etc!

So, what can I have?! Am I limited to the tikka? :cry:


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think you may be able to have tandoori chicken too


Radix lecti

Trouble is they cook everything with ghee making it all full of fat.
I would opt to just eat what you fancy as a special treat - because bottom line is you're not really supposed to eat any of it :D
Maybe to nearest to good is the sag aloo with the chicken, which is potato and spinach - maybe we can fool ourselves that is the veg allowance ;) and i would imagine the sheek and shami (spl!) kebabs are not as bad the main meals.
Just enjoy it and then get back on track after - life goes on and sometimes we just have to take a little detour :D
Perhaps i'm not the best person to have answered your thread as i think a little treat now and again won't hurt as long as we get back on the diet - at the end of the day it's a lot better than the old eating habits.....:rolleyes:
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Well done you - a reminder to us all of how focused you were when you did this first time round!

All the very best to you with your move and your new life in America
well done

good stamina - well done....:D


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Ahh bless you well done for sticking with the pack i bet it took some willpower xxxxx
Aww thanks girls :grouphugg:

Actually, it didn't take much willpower at all, believe it or not. They ordered a pizza from Domino and (IMHO) it looked horrible!

Really thick base, greasy cheese, manky bits of meat on it. Blurgh. Now if they had ordered an Indian, I *might* have had some chicken, but definitely not pizza .. oh no, carbs would throw me out of ketosis like there was no tomorrow.

I made them bacon sarnies this morning and they really did look :drool: but they didn't interest me in the slightest! How strange!

Guess I've just got my eye on the prize which is Mr Mandana coming home next Saturday (woohoo!).

Had the most amazingly busy 2 days sorting through things and moving furniture about. Just had a marathon 3 hr and 45 minute conversation with Mr M going through the inventory (each and every item we possess has to be listed, valued and given a 'fate' - ie, sea shipment, air freight, storage, sell, dump, stay etc.

Totally and utterly exhausted now so going to have my last pack of the day and have an early night.

Workmen are coming round at 8 am, so it's go go go again tomorrow!

Thanks for your support :thankyou:

Mandana x
Hello, newbie - but have a comment!

Hey all :)

I just wanted to say that if you're doing AAM, where does Cambridge stand on that because surely the carbs matter more than the fat?

So, better to have chicken than potatoes, or?

Starches (sugars, basically - as that's what starches are) have a much worse impact on blood sugar levels than fats. Therefore, it would make more sense on AAM to avoid the carbs so as to pop yourself back into Ketosis ASAP!

Carbs will replenish the liver glycogen and then the body will start looking to sugars for energy instead of burning the fat as it does whilst in ketosis. You cannot be back in ketosis until the glycogen in your muscles (1st) and the glycogen in your liver (2nd) are depleted.

Long story short, if you have more than 50-100 grams of carbs it will take 2-3 days (!!) before you afre back in ketosis.

You have fat and you're right back in or STILL in, therefore still burning fat and your body will use the fat you ate first.

Also: The purpose of a refeed is: "a) to refill depleted glycogen stores b) to upregulate hormones and thyroid activity that is depressed during dieting c) to provide a psychological "break" that makes the rest of the diet easier to bear"

So, if you don't wish to refill glycogen stores (as in, you're not body building, or doing anything that needs a lot of quick, expendable energy) then the other 2 reasons are yours.

You'll find that after a low carb refeed, provided you drink your water, you will lose a little bit quicker again, because the metabolism will be ramped up.

Anyway, that got long, sorry!

What's the CD stance on AAM? Can a counselor post, please?

(My current counselor doesn't seem to know a whole lot about nutrition, metabolism, what the body does with what you feed it, etc and my first counselor was doing this 20 years she said, but bigger than me!)

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