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Indigestion - A Route To Management Question (week one)

Hello Anyone Who's Done Route to Management

Here's a question...I am getting indigestion. Badly! I find that I am rarely full after I have eaten but I know it takes at least 20 mins so I haven't pushed it - apart from the bad days (which there have been). Even on the good days the food just 'sits' there (in my stomach) for hours and hours and hours. It's SOOOO uncomfortable.

I have re-read the Management bible aka AJ's guide, for some inspiration/information.

Cerulean wrote that she binged because she had binged and I totally know what she meant; I am eating because I can't stand the feeling of indigestion and am resorting to what I know makes me feel better - errr, more food (like cottage cheese). Not so good! Have tried trusted remedies - like Andrews!!! - but it's the fact it goes on for hours. And hours. Today I had a nut crunch and even that gave me mild indigestion.

My stomach took about two weeks to settle down into Foundation; is this the reverse? I'll ask my LLC but, in the meantime, I thought I'd ask the other experts.

Please help, if you can. It's doing my head in (and my stomach)!!!

A very peeved Mrs L who is now struggling in Route to Management xxxxx
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PS Forgot to say - is it my crooked thinking, telling me that I need more than I do? If I were to eat 'enough' it would amount to two tablespoons of cottage cheese, about three coin-sized pieces of chicken breast and some salad leaves. Is this enough? Am I letting my eyes do the judging on portion control? I just don't know!


has started again!!
Sorry Mrs L, cant help as a long way from the dizzy heights of managment but wanted to wish you all the best. I hope this gets resolved for you, very soon, as it must be miserable having permanent indigestion. (Almost as bad as my perma-constipation!!! Luckily, aftr my break I know my body will operate correctly under normal circumstances!!)

Hang in there, and I am sure someone who knows will come along soon!
I did get some reflux when I reintroduced food on Cambridge.

Went to see my GP and he recommended ranatadine which is over the counter relief, I found this solved the problem overnight and was fine.

As with any medical query on any diet if you are worried then pop and see your GP for his/her advice.

Good advice from ice as always but suspect its just your tummy eating properly again & taking a while to get working properly because your bowel is bound to be sluggish...are you eating regularly & small amounts? I suspect eating MORE isnt actually helping in theory as sluggish bowel will just get overloaded by more food...not sure if that helps and its just my thoughts & in no way medical knowledge but if you're worried do go & see GP..


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Hmmmm - the one thing I haven't had is genuine reflux indigestion (although I did get it occasionally on the packs!)

As for portions, yes it is supposed to be about 3-4oz which is practically nothing by our old standards, but I upped this to 5 oz which I find to be a comfortable amount of protein. I am not very good at this visual portioning so I have got some cheap 3.99 scales to help me learn what portions should look like. And if the difference between me hitting the corner shop is 2 oz of protein or 4 oz of salad, then I'm taking the extra piece of fish!
PS Forgot to say - is it my crooked thinking, telling me that I need more than I do? If I were to eat 'enough' it would amount to two tablespoons of cottage cheese, about three coin-sized pieces of chicken breast and some salad leaves. Is this enough? Am I letting my eyes do the judging on portion control? I just don't know!

Mrs L

I am veggie and had 6 dessertspoons of cottage cheese as a portion and was paranoid I was having too much but I still had big losses in weeks one and 2 so my LLC said that I was obviously getting it right. She also said it was very low calories compared to meat etc...

Not sure if this helps.

It does get easier the further you get into management. Just wish I could stop the binging and quit trying to put crap into my body when I know I shouldnt and enjoy the food I should be having.

I never got indegestion but I am the same when I feel bloated reach for more food to comfort the uncomfortable feeling. How mad is that??? I am bloated as I am full so should not put more in there.

I will get my head around all these issues. I am determined.

I hope I have been some help to you with portion size at least with Cottage cheese. I piled the salad up on my plate and if I had quorn it was two fillets or about 250g of tofu.

Thanks, Jo and Sandra.

Jo - your guide was really helpful. As a vegetarian for many, many years, I am struggling with chicken and/or fish - but I wanted to experiment with lower fat sources of protein. Hence, I think, the massive bingeing on cottage cheese!

Do you mind me asking you how you are preparing your quorn fillets? I made the mistake of buying some quorn chicken flavour and one slice made me feel soo ill. And then I actually looked at my Management manual and saw that it said plain quorn! Doh!

I am grappling with the eating when we are not hungry issue; the only conclusion that I have come to is that food is often the ONLY way we know to make ourselves feel better. So, although it defies logic to eat more food when you are full, if food makes you feel better, then it's an automatic response, if that makes sense. I have really had to grapple with this today; I am full, slightly uncomfortable yet all I want to do is eat. BECAUSE I want to get rid of feeling so bad. I need new strategies.

Not sure if this makes sense. I will be really interested in your vegetarian Route to Management so please can we keep in touch?

Thanks so much.

Take care.

Mrs L xxxxxxxx
Ah - now - just a thought - I've just remembered fro my pre LL days that milk in my tea used to give me acid reflux...and I always used to have milk and sugar in my tea back then...so hmmm....maybe mixing milk and sugar (or cottage cheese) is something to do with it...pure conjecture of course...and not terribly helpful!
Mrs L

I am pleased that I was able to help. Of course I will stay in touch on this one. I could do with help staying focused and on track. I am back onto the packs for this week as I have put weight on and I need to get it shifted but I aim to go onto week 3 of management from Saturday.

OK with my quorn fillets I marinade them in allsorts of concoctions. I have used curry powder mixed with water to give them a curry flavour and added some fresh coriander.

I also use soy sauce and ginger with garlic maybe a bit of lemon or lime juice. I dont marinade them for a really long time as it does say cook from frozen but they have not done me any harm been cooked from defrosted so far.

I dont use any recipe for marinades per say but just throw whatever I have in at the time.

I am busy at work so will try and get on here tonight.

Thanks, Jo. Thanks, Sarah.

WHAT is a reflux? Sorry to be so thick (there are shocking gaps in my basic knowledge)! Is it when you have a feeling of food sitting under your ribcage that won't go away? I thought that was indigestion.

Mrs Lxxxx
Reflux is when acid rises from your stomach - it often causes heartburn and people take indigestion remedies to calm the burn. I haven't had reflux at all since I started LighterLife. Bread used to cause it badly for me so I think it might be a slight wheat intolerance or yeast. Something in bread anyway!
Oh my goodness! Thanks, Sandra. That makes A LOT of sense!

As you know, I went to see Tony Robbins this summer and he talks a lot about the negative effects of an over-acidic diet!

I think what I thought was indigestion was....heartburn!

How are you doing today? Hope you're ok.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxx

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