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Inexplicably out of ketosis!

Hi, I have used the ketostix today and they are showing up negative. Nothing has changed in my diet, still on the 4 products a day and have not cheated ever. I am starting to exhibit cold symptoms, all except a temperature but have not taken any medication for it. Can getting an illness knock you out of ketosis? I do feel a bit hungry and I never have done before, so I am finding it a bit bizzarre.
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I felt a bit peckish today but totm is on its way and I'm also suffering from a chest infection. Don't rely on the ketostix, they do not work for everyone x


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did you have a pack? If I use a stick an hour or two after a pack its negative, but a few hours after it's positive, like they tempoarily knock me out of it.
Don't remember if I had just had a pack but I did 2 tests several hours apart. I don't have that weird taste in my mouth either that I usually have. I'll do it again tomorow and see what happens. Maybe seeing a negative has given me psychosomatic non-ketosis symptoms!! LOL!!!

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Even if you aren't in ketosis, you are still going to be losing weight.

I think ketosis gets really built up in SS/SS+ and I'm not even sure how it happens. Your energy intake is very low therefore the weight is still going to come off and the body is still going to look for the fat stores once the glycogen is used up. There's probably a bit more muscle mass loss when not in ketosis but I don't *believe* that happens until there's less fat left anyhow.

Apart from the hunger symptoms, there's not a huge difference in weight loss whether you are in ketosis or not once you take out the initial glycogen loss from being in ketosis.


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When I did LL and weighed in with the LLC in the evening I NEVER showed ketosis on the stick BUT with my CDC I weigh first thing and I have only had a black coffee and it shows up really strongly. If I've had water or packs it doesn't show. Maybe try first wee of the morning before you have had anything and see if that makes a difference? x


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I have never tested for ketosis and as long as the weight is coming off, which it is going to if you are on a vlcd or lcd I don't see the point because as you say, it makes you paranoid!

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