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I am going to my information meeting tonight and would like to hear from anyone on what I should expect.

I am so keen to get started, will this be possible tonight? Can I only start after my doctors has signed the form etc.

Any information for this "newbe" would be greatly appreciated.:confused:
Tonight will be quite casual there will probably be a group of you and you will be shown a dvd which explains everything. Afterwards there will be an opportunity for you to ask any questions.

You won't be able to start yet, you will need to get your doctors certificate and the counsellor will tell you how best to get it as not all doctors are supportive. (mine was)

She will tell you when the next group will start and then its down to you to get your medical and forms back in to ensure your place.

I had to wait a month between my info night and starting but this was just the start date for my group, I would expect at worst you will be able to start early January!

By the way the thing I found hardest to believe at my info meeting was that we really don't feel hungry! OK so occasionally we do but hardly ever. I found that so hard to believe but it really is true.

Unfortunately though, lack of feeling hungry doesn't mean you won't want food!

I have tried pretty much all the usual diets and this is really the only one I have found this easy to stick to, sometimes its hard, but motivation is high due to the fast weight loss and there are no choices to be made really which is what helps me. Once you have your food packs thats it! none of this can I get away with a biscuit or how big a lump of cheese can I have, theres no decisions past choosing your packs.

best of luck!

Thank you so much for your reply. I have been browsing this forum for a few days and am so excited and impatient to get going.

I too have tried every diet, including slimming pills (lost a huge amount, but went straight back on again) but what draws me to LL is the councelling and support forums like this.

I am really looking forward to posting a ticker, before and after photo's etc.

Thanks again, will let you know what I thought!!
you could always build a countdown ticker, once you know your start date!

How did it go tonight?

Hi Mags

It went really well, got the bit between my teeth now!!

I start on the 3rd of January so I can't wait for Xmas to come and go.

I have never used forums before, how do I create a ticker? anyone?:confused:

Tania x
Glad you feel able to go ahead! best thing I ever did I can tell you that!

go to

Graphical Event Ticker for your Signature, Message Boards, Blogs and Web Page

there are other places but thats where I got my ticker. you choose your bar, your marker, input your weight or countdown or whatever and it magically makes it for you!

then you cut and paste the first link it gives you, and if you go to user CP in the blue bar at the top of any minimins page, you can then add it to your signature.

its easy, honestly!:)