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  1. Furbie

    Furbie New Member

    Hi Im Faye, a 36 year old mum of three, my eldest is 12 my youngest is 2 and I am a stay at home mum. I have been getting fatter each year and cannot seem to break the cycle of eating rubbish and not moving my butt much! I have rejoined SW after many years away from it. I really really want to succeed this time, but find I can lose my way without support on tap, and I have been searching google lots of questions and mini mins seem to come up all the time. I need to lose 4 stone. Im a size 16, 5ft 3 Inches and I am a wobbly blob :cry:

    Anyway enough negativity, I am really hoping to make some really good friends on here for support and a general chat, swapping ideas and motivation - whilst having a giggle. I am open to just about anything and would love to hear others success stories and struggles.

    Hope to hear from all of you

    Faye xx :D
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  3. Deb123

    Deb123 Member

    Welcome and keep your eye on the goal/s! :p

    Head over to the SW board for lots of folks!
  4. AnnieK

    AnnieK Member

    Good luck :D

    You can do it!!
  5. debswithers

    debswithers Full Member

    Welcome I'm a kind of newbie to this web site. The more I play the more I'll learn (I hope) lol well done on biting the bullet and joining Sw.. X
  6. aimz124

    aimz124 Full Member

    Hi Faye I'm Amy I am 27 and a mum of 3 too I have a 9 year old and twins who are 1 next week. I have recently joined this site for the same reason as you and I really feel it's helping everyone's really friendly and if I feel Tempted I just have a little mooch and feel better again lol.
    I also do slimming world and am in with the Wednesday weighers I'm 4.5lbs off my 3 stone award which I'm hoping to get soon, good luck hope you get on well with it this time it's so hard when your stuck at home too I've always worked and now am a stay at home mum since having the twins and I find it very hard at times xx :)

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  7. rugbywidow

    rugbywidow Member

    im new to the site. seems amazing so far, so much help and support.
  8. debswithers

    debswithers Full Member

    Yes there's loads of helpful people on hear :D
  9. Lundychick

    Lundychick Member

    Similarly Faye and Amy, I am a (single) mum of 3 girlies and I piled on the lbs during my relationship and marriage to the so-called father of my girls. I fled from him in July 2011 (he was abusive) and haven't really looked back, gradually losing some weight but mainly through WW. Just got back from a fab holiday but binged on cream teas and alcohol so knew i needed to do something again and thought I would try SW instead. Am hoping there will be support and inspiration on here as the site always pops up for me when googling recipe ideas!

    Good luck with your journeys! :)
  10. aimz124

    aimz124 Full Member

    Well done for getting back on it hope you had a fab holiday! I love slimming world so glad I joined I was really embarrassed about joining on my own but best thing I've ever done good luck there's definitely a lot of inspiration on here :D xx

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