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hi just been noticing some peoples losses and its really helping me to get back on track.

I have had a lazy SW week so far monday well it was wi and felt truamtised after our mini crash.

Tuesday well its only Tuesday got all the rest of the week to catch up.

Wednesday. Well i was good up to about 10pm then i had tuna butty on a bread roll, then about midnight i had a cheese toast on white large size warbies bread!!! then after than i wanted something sweet so i had 2 stick of aldi choc (only small) 3 table spoons of nutella and 2 yes 2 bags of special K minis!!!!! after all that i went to bed really wanting more!!!

Thursday i've woke up regretting my week so far. i am not going to try and put right whats gone so far but i am starting my week again, got till monday night for WI and even if i have a STS i'll be please.

BUT the point of this long winded drivel is that i've been noticing your losses and wanted to say WOW you are all amazing!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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Lol...that went around the houses!! Lol
Hun, dont beat yourself up over what you have eaten this week, just put it behind you and look towards putting it right (which it sounds as if you are doing!).
Stick to it 100% and you should see a STS, but if you cheat any more, you will gain.

Take care



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yeahh, i love reading about everyones losses too. It really keeps me going. Sometimes you just need to be reminded that the plan works, and if your not losing then you arent doing it right. I quite often need this kick up the bum! Plus all the great ideas i've got from here - minimins is a godsend!!
hi yeah sorry for going round the houses but i had to get it off my cheast!!!

that is the 1st blow out i've had on SW been doing it for 4 weeks and lost 10lbs so i have been doing something right!!!! (i hope it wasn't just a fluke!!)

been playing on the wii more as well as a couple of walks more than i'd normally do and my energy levels have defo increased!!!!!
You will get there Huni...we cant be good 100% all the time its not part of our nature...just make sure that you put it behind you and concentrate on the days before weigh in and you will be fine!
Well done on stepping up the exercise too. Ive noticed that since loosing 5stone my energy levels have increased ten fold and I am more adventurous than I used to be.


Reached Target. woohoo
The main thing is Kitty that your'e back on track. Well done hun. xxx

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